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How can I make my own lotion?

Updated on April 22, 2014

You can make your own products, just like Walmart does.

Heating together all the amazing ingredients that make up my lotion. Not that hard!
Heating together all the amazing ingredients that make up my lotion. Not that hard! | Source

Organic labels

So many labels these days lie. Organic this, healthy that, low fat, sugar free. What are we buying into? When it comes to our skin, we should be applying products that are 100% pure, not just with one healthy ingredient mixed in with the list of a bunch of others that we can't pronounce.

It might be a good practice for you to take a step back and think about each step involved in your bath regimen. How many people were involved in making that one hair spray that you use? Where did the container come from and what about each and every ingredient? Who were the scientists in the white lab coats, stewing over their mixtures and chemicals until they were just right?

Natural Ingredient Pledge

Taking the pledge or buying from companies that have can help you feel good about what you put on your skin.
Taking the pledge or buying from companies that have can help you feel good about what you put on your skin. | Source

Ingredients you can feel good about.

Do you know what methylparabens are? What about coloring agents? I had a friend who acquired a strange rash on her eyes when she switched to a new eye shadow color. She checked the back of the label on both eye shadow containers and lo and behold they were both EXACTLY the same! Even right down to the coloring added. So why would one product make her break out and the other one not?

I chose to learn how to make my won things and you can too!

Do you have a few hours free on the weekend? That's all it takes for you to start concocting the best brew for your skin, whether it is dry, flaky, oily or broken out in eczema.

Creating your own lotion can be exciting!

When you have your finished lotion, you will feel so accomplished.
When you have your finished lotion, you will feel so accomplished.

How to make your own lotion

I love to use things that make me feel good; that nourish the skin, protecting it from the sun and outside elements and that contain natural vitamin E.

You can use any oil ingredient that is 100% what it is. Like just plain olive oil. Or sunflower oil. Things like coconut oil and jojoba oil are known to be amazing for the skin. Do some research and look online to find out what ingredient would be best for your needs. Find something local in your area that doesn't require a hearty shipment across the big blue wet thing. Find things that call out to you. If you pay attention to your body it will tell you what it needs.

  • Mix all the fabulous ingredients that you choose together in a large mason jar, like the one pictured above.
  • Set it in a pan filled with water and almost bring it to a boil. You want it to just bubble out from the bottom of the jar a little bit.
  • Depending on the ingredients you use, it could take ten minutes for everything to heat together.
  • Stir occasionally with a metal spoon (or a wooden spoon if you want to naturally wax it!)
  • Remove from heat once it is all mixed and let stand for a few minutes.
  • Pour into your containers before it re-solidifies!

Examples of ingredients that you can use are:

Coconut oil


Shea butter

Cocoa butter

Aloe vera

Essential oils

The possibilities are endless these days. Try out different mixes and see what feels best on your skin.

Bottom line: The internet is your friend. You have an unlimited resource at your fingertips for exactly what you need. We are not all the same and someone might want or need something different than someone else. Do what's right for you!

Anti Aging? Anti Wrinkles?

You can re-use old tins like these pictured above or you can recycle anything that you have around the house.
You can re-use old tins like these pictured above or you can recycle anything that you have around the house.



Anti aging, wrinkle reducing, acne clearing, tightening, soothing, anti inflammatory. The ingredients I use are good for eczema, rashes, burns, soreness, aching, aging, general redness or irritation, dark spots, sun protection, stretch marks, arthritis...I could go on.

Mixing it old school style!

Mortar and pestle
Mortar and pestle | Source

Comfrey Ointment Recipe


Do you want to find something that will help you heal bruises? Making your own comfrey oil can be a great way to do that.

Step 1: Buy organic, locally sourced where possible Comfrey leaves, preferably crushed. You can also learn about the plant and forage it in your area (completely free!)

Step 2: Get yourself some of that fabulous extra virgin cold pressed organic olive oil.

Step 3: Put the comfrey leaves in a jar and fill with oil.

Step 4: Store in a dark dry place and shake every few days. You can leave this for a week or a month.

Step 5: Strain and use!

You can add it to other oils to make a super nourishing lotion or simply put it on bruises, bumps, sprains and other painful areas.

What if I am too lazy or busy to make my own lotion?

Well, that does happen sometimes. In our crazy world we over pack our lives. I make this lotion and sell it on my website if you are intrigued but don't have the time. I want to help you and share this with everyone!


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