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When Bright is Right: Tips for Wearing Coloured Jeans

Updated on December 14, 2011

Bright coloured denim is a hot look, but it’s a fine line between looking like a bad 90s flashback and looking like a five-year-old. They may seem intimidating at first, but if you follow a few simple rules you’ll find they’re as versatile as your favourite pair of blue jeans.

Take Hayden Pannetiere. She’s rocking the brightest J Brand jeans (811 mid-rise skinny leg) and she’s rocking them well. Simple shirt, simple jacket, simple shoes, simple accessories—the jeans are all she needs.

As Mary Pierson, VP of Design at J Brand, said in an interview with Access Hollywood, “Brights can be worn from day-to-night on any occasion depending on how you dress up or dress down the look.”

Still nervous about the trend? Here are some tips and tricks to help you stand out—in a good way.

Rule #1: Don't Overdo It

Rihanna keeps it edgy with a cool graphic tee, but tones the look down with clean, gold accessories and a simple black bag.

For a classy nighttime look, switch it up with a soft, girly shirt but still keep the accessories to a minimum. Simple gold or silver always works like a charm.

For an example of what you'll look like if you overdo it, see below.

Overdoing it. No no no.

Rule #2: Colourblock

Nothing says "First Day of Kindergarten" like head-to-toe brights.

Here, Cheryl Cole breaks up the colour with a neutral jacket and neutral shoes. Her legs are the only focal point, which makes a classy, yet bold, statement.

FYI: These green jeans are a great way to break into the coloured jeans trend. They're bright, but not too bright, and are a good baby step towards a more vibrant shade.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Rule #3: It's All About Fit

The thing with wearing bright jeans is that they have to fit. That's true with any colour of jeans, blue included, but bright jeans especially. Bright bottoms draw attention to your lower half, so make sure you buy a flattering pair.

If you're not a stick bug, go for a bootcut or flare like these electric blue MIH jeans. If your legs are slender, skinny jeans will look great. There's a pair out there for everyone!

For an example of horrifying, too-big fluorescent pants, see below. I apologize in advance for the nightmares.

Giant Pants are a No-No.

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