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When Is It Okay To Perm Bleached Blonde Hair?

Updated on October 27, 2009

Bad Hair Day?

When it comes to your hair this is one of the most important features of the face besides the smile/teeth. So when you get your hair bleached it's important to know when its okay to perm it and when it is not. If you have ever made the mistake of bleaching your hair and then you did perm it you would know that this was a horrible mistake. Not only can it dry your hair up, but oftentimes it will "crackle" your hair. The agent in the bleach makes your hair dry and then by using dry heat you are in turn making it worse! If you go to a salon to get your hair bleached blond or get any kind of a color service, chances are they will NOT perm your hair on the same day.

Usually what they suggest is that you get your hair permed first, and then about 2 weeks later you get the coloring done. This is because the hydrogen peroxide applied to counteract a perm (which uses oxidation to restore the disulfide bonds) can result in lightening up or modifying the color of hair. Having the color performed first could mean that the hair is lightened even further than desired, or that the color you initially chose is suddenly contorted.

Of course if this really doesn't matter to you either way (hair getting lighter than initially wanted) I suppose it doesn't really matter when or how you get this done! When going to the salon the stylist will need to be incredibly careful in bleaching your already permed hair. By the way this goes along with any perm. It doesn't matter what style it is; wavy, curly, body wave, pin curl, etc. Plus, as far as "bleached" blond hair goes, I wouldn't even really suggest something like this because it can severely ruin your hair! If you want to go lighter I would either suggest getting highlights or getting this done professionally.

Nowadays when you go to get your hair dyed a lot of the newer salons have products which are practically fume-less and aren't as bad for your hair as the old school technique of bleaching it! It is your hair, but that is what I would suggest! Personally for me, I would rather spend a hundred dollars and get my hair done right than to do it by myself with something like bleach which is not only harmful to your hair, but your body! If you absolutely MUST do it, please follow directions online, do it in a room with a window and do not get this stuff on the carpet or you will really be in trouble!


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    • profile image

      evelyn 5 years ago

      i'd really like to know if i can get a perm/body wave after i've been using sun in!!

    • profile image

      greeneyedblondie 3 years ago

      Thank you for this! When I do eventually bleach my hair that several shades lighter and perm my hair. Everywhere I look it says it can't be done. This is what I needed!

    • profile image

      Blondie40 3 years ago

      No, that's not true. When having permed or relaxed hair you can bleach it but you have to be very careful doing or you'll lose all of your hair. With relaxed hair if you really want to bleach it wait 2 weeks after relaxer. Then, do the other chemical process.

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