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When To Consider A Vintage Cocktail Dress

Updated on November 24, 2009

Vintage clothing has been around for years and is still very popular. No matter what your body type a vintage cocktail dress may look wonderful and be the perfect gown for your event. If you are watching your budget vintage clothing is quite inexpensive. The only problem you may face when buying vintage clothing is that vintage shoes may be too small. Don't be discouraged; with today's designs in shoes from rounded toes to pointed toes you will not have a problem finding just the right pair of shoes to go with your vintage dress.

Designers Are Still Designing Garments With Vintage Influence

Not only are there many vintage stores to shop where you can find vintage dresses from years past, the vintage style can be seen in designs of today. The vintage influence has been seen in designer's fashions all through the years.

Vintage Influence

Vintage dresses can be selected from many eras. Vintage dresses come from the 1940's through the 1970's can be worn for many occasions. It is not a dress that you will only wear once, but many times.  If you are interested in wearing vintage clothing vintage specialty stores can be found in most cities and malls. Vintage dresses can also be found in small shops. The smaller shops may be your best place to shop to find something special and unique.

Vintage clothing is very forgiving if your body is not as perfect as you would like. You have so many garments to choose from and in many different fabrics. Vintage dresses, depending on the era, are sewn in cotton, satin, velvets, and wools. Dress makers did not have fabric blends to work with so most vintage dresses are made of a single woven material.

Deciding On A Particular Era Or Style

If you have a body that is a little too small in the bust you can find dresses that have lace or ruffles that will give you the appearance of a larger bust line. If you have hips that are not in proportion to the rest of your body you can find a dress with a sash or belt that will detract from your lower body. Some fabrics are smooth with empire waste lines and are flattering to many body shapes. Sequins and ruffles have been used on vintage dresses that are wonderful in hiding that little bulge or wrinkle.

Staying Within Your Budget

Vintage cocktail dresses are always in style and very affordable. You can purchase a vintage dress of top quality for a reasonable amount of money and know you will be able to wear it for years. If you purchase a dress manufactured today of the same quality you will pay hundreds of dollars. A satin cocktail dress sewn today could cost more than $200.00. A vintage dress in the same material can be purchased for around $50.00.

Accessories With Your Vintage Dress

You are free to go wild with your accessories when wearing your vintage dress.
In the roaring 20's long beads where worn around the neck to present that glamorous look. You can stay with small accessories or select long necklaces and long earrings. Large bracelets will also work. Have fun with your vintage dress. You will look great and be right in style.

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