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When is the Best Time to Buy Kids' Clothes?

Updated on June 10, 2014

Your little angles are growing so fast and shopping clothes for them make you brainstorm all the time? You want your kids look cute in fashionable outfits but do not want to spend so much? It is smart for you to choose an appropriate time to buy these things. Of course, the best time to buy clothes is when they are on sale. But do you know when there is a sale going on? Let’s explore!

1. Off-Season

Most people tend to think in a traditional way. In the summer, consumers often look for summer clothing while in the winter, they think about warm outfits. However, being a savvy shopper requires different thinking. Why not buy clothes for your kids in the off-season?

Off-season shopping brings you an opportunity to buy clothes at low prices because at the end of each season, stores often need to be free of all their previous seasonal clothing to make room for the new trends of the upcoming season. For instant, summer is the best time to buy spring clothes for your kids such as jeans, and thin sweaters.

There are some clothes that your children will need year after year such as T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and other seasonal clothing. So never worry that these things will not be used. However, remember to buy clothes for your kids at least one size bigger for the following year!

You can buy off-season clothing just about anywhere. Online retailers such as Kohl’s may be your shopping heavens. You can also save even more when using coupons. If you are a newcomer, you can get 15% off or more at Kohl's.

2. Shopping Seasons

You will make a mistake if you miss shopping seasons to buy clothes for your kids.

Christmas shopping is the biggest shopping season in the US, starting as early as October and lasting until after Christmas. You may find enormous selection of kids’ clothes at reduced prices on Black Friday.

However, if you don’t want to get up early or stay awake for a whole night and jostle with other parents for good items, you can wait until Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday to comfortably buy kids clothes online. Many retailers make Cyber Monday significantly attractive by providing customers with various coupons or deals to help them get deep discounts on their purchases.

Old Navy, one of the stores, gives you a chance to buy clothes at attractive prices especially on Cyber Monday. Besides clothing, shoes are must-have things for kids, read the article “Where is the Best Place to Buy Kids Shoes” to choose reliable stores for kids shoes.

Additionally, if you have children at school, you may concern the importance of back-to-school shopping. Back-to-school clothing can be discounted up to 70% off in fall.

I bet your children will jump for joy when you bring them new clothes. Be ready to be caring parents and enjoy the moment of happiness!


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