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Where Can I Buy Authentic Designer Handbags Cheap

Updated on October 26, 2014

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Buying Authentic Bags at a Discount

Regardless of which designer handbag you're on the hunt for there are places where you can find them at a discount. Etsy only sells handmade or vintage items so you can find some older designer bags on sale. eBay is also a great source for designer bags as long as you are skilled at identifying fakes, read the descriptions of the signs of wear on the bag carefully, and review the seller's feedback for selling designer bags (not other items). There are high-end consignment brick & mortar consignment shops that you can buy from as well as on-line retailers like Malleries and Bag, Borrow or Steal.

In order to ensure that you're getting an authentic bag first you'll have to do your research. If you already know what you have in mind you're ready to start looking for it at a discount. If you're not sure how to authentic a handbag you might want to read my hub about "how to spot a fake handbag" before making your purchases.

My Gucci Collection


My Gucci Collection

As a child I remember seeing my aunt cram her Gucci bags into a suitcase to bring with her on vacation. It's no surprise that Gucci was my first designer handbag purchase. My first Gucci was the tote in the back on the right side. It's a blue monogram pattern in a coated canvas similar to the material that Louis Vuitton uses. It's now a discontinued style. After purchasing from the Gucci store they put you on the e-mail list and you'll be notified of their private sales. Through the Gucci sales I bought the Gucci Abbey D-ring (front left) and the monogram sandals at a considerable discount. As I'm writing this now the Gucci store has a sale going on now with a discount between $200 - $800 per item. Not all items are on sale though.

I got the Sukey (back left), Jolie tote (back center), wallet (front right), and slingback sandals through on-line Gucci flash sales - Hautelook, ideeli, & Rue La La.

I purchased the Gucci monogram wedges & another pair of monogrammed flats at a nearby high-end consignment store. It's called Revival Vintage in Roslyn, NY. You can also shop them on-line - Revival Boutique.

My Louis Vuitton Collection


My Louis Vuitton Collection

I started my Louis Vuitton collection a few years ago with the Neverfull tote that I got for my birthday. You can read my hub where I compared which sizes and styles before choosing my Damier Ebene GM - I bought my Neverfull in the Louis Vuitton store since it was my first purchase with the brand. Through a lot of time spent researching and visiting the Louis Vuitton store I've learned how to recognize fakes, and where to find authentic LV bags at a discount.

My Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 was purchased used through an online flash sale selling authentic vintage handbags. I paid $399 for it. The handles have already turned that lovely caramel color, and the bag was in perfect condition. The same bag new currently retails for $970.

The smallest bag is the Louis Vuitton St. Cloud. It's a perfect sized crossbody, just large enough to fit my keys, cell phones, and some money. The St. Cloud is a discontinued style, so I was able to get it even cheaper than most bags. I was able to snag it on Etsy for $265. A similar size/style LV crossbody, the Chantily PM, retails for $1,200.


My Chanel Collection

My Chanel collection is my newest collection. Three years ago when I was pregnant with my son I decided to splurge on a Coco Cabas I found on sale. The first night that I used it I realized that the purchase was a mistake. My hair kept getting caught in the chain handle and pulled out. The bag was heavy because of the chain and would just pool into a pile on the floor. I paid way too much money on the bag to just let it sit and go to waste.

This year I decided to sell it to get money for another bag that I'd use more. I purchased the Ultimate Executive Tote in pale grey that is in the back center. It's perfect for work. I sold my Coco Cabas to someone on the shopping app Poshmark, and purchased the tote from a different person on Poshmark. I saved about $700 from the original price.

I loved my new Chanel so much that I then wanted a classic Chanel to wear out at night. I bought the flap bag on the left, but wanted a style without a chain handle. The flap bag is vintage but was in excellent condition. It's a soft lambskin leather in a chevron style. I bought it for $728 on eBay. It came with the dustbag and authenticity cards. Flap bags cost over $2,000 brand new.

The travel line tote in the back right is my everyday tote. It zips closed on the top and is made of a lightweight nylon material. I can throw my essentials in there as well as some snacks and diapers for my son without worrying about ruining my bag. Since it's nylon I could always wash it. The handles are leather. I purchased it on eBay for $300 and it came with the Chanel authenticity card.

I then set-up a search on-line for the Chanel Olsen purse in black & tan lambskin leather. I saw this bag many years ago and fell in love with it. It's on the right side. This is the bag that I use when I go out for a date night with my husband. I LOVE IT!

I bought a holiday set from the Chanel make-up counter and it came with a free make-up bag. It's a mesh-like material in the front on the left. I decided that I wanted to a nice leather make-up case instead and purchased the black one with the logo in the center. I paid $200 for it on eBay. Unfortunately I didn't read the measurements well - they were written in centimeters and I didn't convert them correctly and thought the bag was larger. I can fit an eyeliner and 4 lipsticks in it, but not my foundation or powder. Lesson learned - carefully read the description and take time converting measurements.


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My blogging begins once I put my toddler to bed, during that small window of time when I have a few free moments, but can't any noise or I'll wake him up.

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I enjoy doing product reviews and sharing all things that I find & deem as fabulous. If you have a product that you think is pretty fabulous & you'd like me to review it, reach out to me. If I agree to try & review your product I will give you my honest feedback, and if it's good, I will share it here on my blog.


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