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Where To Buy Those Flip Flops With A Bottle Opener On The Bottom

Updated on July 5, 2010

All About The Reef Fanning

Reef sandals and flip flops are the real deal. The company was founded by two Argentine-American surfer brothers and they collaborated to produce one of the most comfortable and long-lasting flip flops that the world has seen.

Among these is the legendary Reef Fanning. The Fanning is completely water resistant, and the sole is moulded to fit the anatomy of the human foot. Heck, it even comes with arch support (hard to find that in a flip flop)!!

But what I'm sure you're interested in is the integrated bottle opener. Cleverly concealed in the base of one of the Fanning sandals is the bottle opener, which Reef insists is for opening "soda." Yeah right. :) Whatever you use it for, this bottle opener is sure to save a lot of thirsty bros on the beach!  These features make the Fannings some of the coolest flip flops around.

Reef Fanning With Bottle Opener
Reef Fanning With Bottle Opener

Where To Buy Reef Fanning Sandals

The Reef Fanning line of flip flops comes in styles for both men and women, and all of these have the bottle opener on the bottom. They come in all sorts of colors and materials. Though the classic design is a black EVA foam, Reef does produce a leather Fanning, but it is pretty hard to come by (unless you shop online).

Most sports oriented stores stock Fannings, as they are a pretty popular sandal, and you'll be able to find them at specialty stores in your local mall. Dick's, Pacific Sunwear (Pac Sun), Zumies, and Journey's all have them.

However, for the best deals and selection it's recommended to buy them online.  You can even try them on in the store to see what size you are, then order the model you want.


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