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Where Do You Wear Your UGG Boots?

Updated on April 1, 2011

UGG is a branded trademark title frequently used to refer to a fashion of sheepskin footwear with fleece lining inside. UGG is the brand of the US-based business Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which is the parent business of UGG Australia. UGG boots are available in unisex fashions and came to be a popular shoe fad among stars such as Jessica Simpson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hiltonin the early 2000's. Since then, UGGs have managed to achieve critical acclaim in conventional style and also have grown past just boots to include a complete line of extra UGG styles, including purses, slippers, and outdoor wear for guys, ladies and kids.

The fashion of UGG boots, featuring a shapeless, wide design for cushioning the feet, has been popular for a long time in the Arctic and China, particularly among sheep shearers that have long had access to the footwear’s manufacturing material.

UGG Boots in the classic shades of tan, brown and black.
UGG Boots in the classic shades of tan, brown and black.

The fashion was also preferred throughout the 60's among surfers that would slide into a pair of warm boots to heat their chilly feet after spending time in cold water. During World War I and II, the cozy sheepskin footwear came to be preferred among pilots for its comfort and effective insulation. The fashion of footwear was called many slang terms such as "ug", "fug" and "ugh", derivations from the term "ugly" for their unnatractive appearance.

How Do You Wear Your UGG Boots?

UGG boots are typically worn with the legs of the pants tucked inside but are also sported with knee socks, no socks or leggings. No matter how you wear them, the warm woolly lining is perfect for keeping toes warm during those frosty months of winter.

Regardless of being extrememly comfortable, UGG boots aren't known for being durable, and are lacking the protective attributes required to make them suitable for industrial use. UGG boots need a unique cleaning process, employing a mild sheepskin cleanser like UGG Aussie sheepskin cleanser or Woolite diluted with equivalent measures of water. First, a rag drenched in cool water ought to be applied gently to the UGG boots and then rubbed lightly in circular motions with the diluted soap mixture. Leave them to dry in clean warm space away from heat or direct sunlight.

Don't Be Fooled By "Ugg-ly" Imitators!

The UGG brand has been involved in many legal disputes with UGG imitators. There are several unofficial brands featuring similar woolen styles available under trademarks such as Warmbat, Bear Paw, Koolaburra, Uggs-N-Ruggs, RocketDog and Emu Australia.

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