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Where To Buy A Drug Rug - Baja Hoodies For All! :)

Updated on July 2, 2010
Earth Ragz Baja Hoodie
Earth Ragz Baja Hoodie

What Is A Drug Rug?

Named for their association and popularity with the hippie stoner culture. Drug rugs, or baja hoodies as they're more formally known, are essentially ponchos with sleeves and hoods. They are often woven out of very durable fabrics and stand up to years of wear and abuse.

What's more is that many manufactures are in touch with the hippy roots of these garments and incorporate environmentally friendly fibers into the product. For this reason you'll find that many drug rugs are made of acrylic that has been produced out of recycled plastics (like pop bottles and stuff)! Yep you heard me right, buying and wearing a baja poncho is the eco thing to do.

Where To Buy A Baja Hoodie

I'm sure you haven't come here to learn the wondrous history of the baja hoodie though.  You've most likely come here to find out where to get one.  The thing with drug rugs is that they're for kind of a niche market.  Often times you won't find them in stores, though if you're lucky enough to have a "hippy" or new age store in your town then there may be a chance.

Otherwise you'll need to look online for the best deals on drug rugs and other baja ponchos.  I recommend Amazon personally.  It's where I ordered my Earth Ragz poncho, and they have excellent customer service.  Plus, there's a pretty decent selection available.

Poncho Sizing

If you do decide to go the online route when ordering, you'll want to be sure to pick the right size.  I recommend going a little larger, it's kind of like buying a jacket as you'll most like be wearing something underneath.

Luckily, most online retailers have great return policies, so you can generally ship it back for the correct size at no additional cost.


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