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Where To Buy Cheap Sanuk Sandals - Finding Discount Sanuk Flip Flops

Updated on June 26, 2009

Why Buy Sanuk

Sanuk flip flops and sandals are some of the most original pieces of footwear out there.  The first pair was designed in 1997 and was a crude shoe fashioned out of an inner-tube and some outdoor carpet, but today Sanuk likes to say that they manufacture "semi-proper" footwear.  Whatever they call them, Sanuk does produce some quality and interesting flip flops that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The word Sanük is Thai for happiness and balance, and Sanuk tries to embody those feelings in every sandal they design.  Sanuk sandals are comfortable, a little edgy, and perfect for beach combers and sidewalk surfers alike!

Sanuk Fraid So - Mens Sandal
Sanuk Fraid So - Mens Sandal

Popular Styles of Sanuk Available

Sanuk sandals come in all sorts of styles and functions, from the practical Lazy Boy III models to the fanciful exuberance of the carpet-covered Faux Fur-Real, Sanuk has a flip flop for everyone.  No matter if you're boy, girl, man, or woman they have it.

Sanuk Sandals and Flip Flops for Men

Sanuk has a wide variety of flip flops for men, including the following:

  • Sanuk Avenue
  • Sanuk Beer Cozy III
  • Sanuk Leather Boy III
  • Sanuk Fraid Not
  • Sanuk Fraid So
  • Sanuk Austin
  • Sanuk Faux Fur-Real Classic
  • Sanuk 4x4

Sanuk Flip Flops and Sandals for Women

Don't worry gals, Sanuk hasn't forgotten you. In fact, you might even have more to choose from than the men!

  • Sanuk Getaway
  • Sanuk Fraidy Cat (tons of styles of this one to choose from)
  • Sanuk Yoga Mat (great for yoga like the name says!)
  • Sanuk St. Tropez
  • Sanuk Ringer
  • Sanuk Buttoned Up
  • Sanuk Siesta
  • Sanuk Scout
  • Sanuk Athena
  • Sanuk Eden

Where To Buy Cheap Sanuk Sandals

Sanuk sandals are not a very common site in stores, though some specialty surf shops and sporting good stores do sell them.  However, you likely won't find very good deals here, as the hottest deals on flip flops are usually found online!

Online retailers offer the best discounts and prices on footwear in general, and many sites now follow the Zappos model of offering free two-way shipping.  If your sandals don't fit then just ship 'em back for free!  It's that simple.


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    • profile image

      Sandy 3 years ago

      I much prefer inriamftove articles like this to that high brow literature.

    • profile image

      Sangeen 3 years ago

      These pictures are abutlsoely stunning, Adam is my cousin and our son Adam was the oldest ring bear in the wedding. You did a great job of capturing this beautiful day! Thank you for sharing with our familyApril

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      dfvgcds 6 years ago


    • profile image

      espadrilles men 6 years ago

      where does sanuk originate?

    • azure_sky profile image

      azure_sky 7 years ago from Somewhere on the Beach, if I am lucky :)

      Thanks lumberjack!! Getting my summer shopping done early :) I appreciate this hub of yours...very helpful!!

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      Hi, you should try also this place :)