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Where To Buy Indie Clothing

Updated on June 4, 2010

Where To Buy Indie Clothes Online

In most cities and larger towns it's pretty easy to find indie or "hipster" clothing.  It's really as simple as hitting up the local thrift shops and visiting larger chains if you have them.  However for those of you from small and/or boring towns, getting your indie fashion fix can be a bit more difficult.  In these cases it is best to direct your efforts online, where everything is indie!

Your Indie Options

When hunting for the best clothes for both men and women, you have a few options available to you. I'll break these up by article of clothing.


When looking for indie shoes, I recommend looking for something either very bright and colorful or a pair of shoes that look a bit worn, like they were possibly handmade. A shoe site that Amazon created recently called has some really good deals.

Be careful not to just buy anything on these sites, however. You need to purchase a pair that looks unique, preferably vintage or of vintage inspiration. For example, if you want athletic shoes then buy a pair of Puma Roma 1968 sneakers. Or if you want a pair of flats to go with your skinny jeans, actually all flats are pretty indie.

If you've got the whole activist look going, you could even opt for a pair of Toms. Despite their somewhat flimsy appearance, they're actually pretty comfortable.

Here are some examples below:

Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

Along the pants front, skinny is in. It doesn't matter if you're an indie girl or an indie boy, go for the skinny jeans. For shorts, cut off skinny jeans are always trendy (not necessarily jean shorts, but a pair that fits well and that is a darker denim with a nice finish).

For skirts, go with something unusual, definitely not something you'd see at Hollister or Abercrombie. has quite a selection of handmade skirts that just scream indie.  Longer skirts are definitely in.


For the upper half of your body you've got a lot of options available to you. Firstly, both men and women can with the classic ironic t-shirt. Companies such as Threadless, Design By Humans, Etsy, and other all offer designs that are definitely pretty trendy.

Now be careful with ironic tees, however. Don't go for something crass or something stupid. Buy something that looks fairly artistic, not some black t-shirt with a stupid saying. It's better to go with a solid color than those.  Band shirts are also a good choice.  Find some vintage shirts or support your favorite indie bands and buy some from their websites or merch tables.

For warmer weather I recommend flannel, and not because my username here is lumberjack. Flannel is just all around awesome, and it's definitely pretty indie. Maybe even a little PUNK ROCK!!!


Don't cover up your new indie threads with an ugly old coat or jacket, instead buy something that will accentuate your new style. Pea coats, vintage leather jackets, plaid, it's all good. If you need something waterproof, buy some high quality backpacking jackets. They are lightweight and they make you look outdoorsy. Win win!

For cool weather that's not cold enough for a coat, sweaters and cardigans are nice.  Cardigans work mainly on women however, I think they're pretty effeminate on men.  But hey, whatever floats your boat.


Finally, to top off your indie look you will want to deck yourself out with accessories. These can be anything personal really, but you should also get yourself a pair of hipster headphones.

Indie headphones are essentially any pair that's bright, atypical, and fashionable. Fashion headphones are becoming more and more popular, and if you frequently listen to music you should consider ditching your old earbuds for a nice pair of headphones. Your music will sound much better than before and you will look much cooler listening to it.

Other than headphones you could always go with an interesting scarf or handmade jewelry, like what you'd find on Etsy.


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      6 years ago

      Some other good sites for indie/retro/mod clothing ive been into lately are mod and


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