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Where is the best place to buy makeup online?

Updated on January 29, 2014

Far as I'm concerned, thanks to the massive range of products available, the enormous range of brands available, and the fact that many suppliers are competing on price, as well as the main site – the best place to buy makeup online is Amazon. I'm going to give you a few reasons why now

NYX cosmetics

Amazon keep the entire range of NYX cosmetics, including eye pencils, lipsticks ,eyebrow cakes - everything! Although NYX Have their own online store, and sell through a number of distributors around the world, I prefer to buy from Amazon for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that I usually buy some other beauty products at the same time and almost never have to pay for shipping.

The same applies if I buy non-– beauty products. I can almost always save the shipping costs by combining items in the same package to save money. So even if you want one eye pencil, the chances are you end up buying something else at the same time so you don't have to worry about shipping costs .If you buy direct from NYX, you need to spend a minimum of $25 in order to get free shipping. Now – that might be acceptable the first time you place an order if you're buying all your cosmetics in one go, but the chances of you needing to replace $25 worth of makeup at the same time is very low.

The other great thing is, that there is a good chance that one of the suppliers on Amazon – not necessarily Amazon themselves – will have overstocked on a particular product, and will need to sell it at a discount to get rid of it. Their loss is your gain!


Amazon keep a full range of Olay products as well. I think most people would agree that Olay produce one of the best ranges of skincare products ever made. They have a number of advanced cleansing products that help one deal with loss of firmness, offer UV protection, puffiness under the eyes and sensitive skin protection. Once again the fact that you can combine products together in order to save money on shipping makes this probably the best place to buy.

The problem with many of these products is they' ifre underneath the necessary expenditure in order to get free shipping, but when you combine it with two or three other products – and they don't have to be from the same manufacturer or supplier, you can invariably get free shipping.

I love the Olay range of skincare products, and they go very well with the NYX makeup products, without spending a fortune. The best thing to do is have a list of products that you are interested in and keep your eye on special offers as they come up. And like NYX, Olay have their own store, but I do like to save money by combining products from different makers. And if you take advantage of Amazon prime, you can save even more money

M.A.C Makeup

Once again, Amazon has a full range of M.A.C makeup products, and if there is a makeup brand that compares favorably to NYX, it is this one. Depending on the product I may prefer to buy one or other of these brands, and most people have their own favorites within the ranges. This is another full range of cosmetics and Amazon have their own M.A.C store. The great advantage of buying them from Amazon is, once again, price! It is very rare that you can buy direct and receive a discount but invariably the product to sell on Amazon have been reduced.

I have lost count of exactly how many lipsticks these guys sell, that's enough to make your brain hurt just thinking about it. Amazon keep all of them, and my way of doing it is I have 10 to 12 – maximum! – That I like to use, because if you're not careful you just end up confusing yourself completely and discover that you've got 75 different lipstick shades in the drawer.

Russian Red is probably one of my favorite shades of the moment, because during the winter a bright red lipstick by this really helps you take a look whiter than usual. At least – that is my thinking. No doubts, you have your own preferences. Of course the same thing goes for all their other products, both companies have a vast choice, making it very difficult to decide sometimes. This video is somebody else's take on the NYX versus Mac eyeshadows. Enjoy!


NARS - there's another fantastic brand that I absolutely love. Although this one tends to be a little more expensive than the previous two cosmetics brands, there's no denying the quality. The fantastic thing about this type of brand is they tend to bring out the new collection every spring and fall. I guess you consider them to be "luxury," or perhaps "designer," cosmetics but don't let that put you off.

This is the kind of product that you want to use for special occasions such as going out to a nightclub or a wedding or something where you really want to make an impression where is the NYX and M.A.C.cosmetics are more day-to-day use.

Perhaps some of their most stunning products are the incredible eyeshadows, which tend to have very strong pigments and often a touch of glitter the really make them stand out. Now – don't get me wrong – I'm not suggesting that you fill your entire makeup range with this brand, because they really are a little too expensive for that, but a few here and there for special occasions are definitely worth the extra expense. Really – if you have the opportunity to try them out in a department store somewhere, if you are worried about spending this much money on cosmetics – please do so and I promise you'll fall in love with them. Then of course you can buy them on Amazon and save money.

Special Offers

Another good reason to buy your cosmetics from Amazon is that Amazon often runs special offers, especially when you combine multiple products, so you can save money. For example – at the moment – and no doubt this will change the next time you visit Amazon – you can get 50% off of a second product if you buy two products together from several well known brands including Dove and Olay, so often it pays you to wait until the special office come up and then buy what you need.

I thought that Amazon's Black Friday deals were a little disappointing this year, but with the financial crisis continuing, I'm sure we'll see some good deals and special offers coming up and throughout the year.

The other two things that Amazon are doing is still running Amazon "prime," which invariably get you discounts and free shipping, and they have just introduced something called "subscribe and save," where you order a standard amounts of a product to be delivered every month, which once again saves you money.

Now, I'm not saying that Amazon is the only place to buy these products, and I'm well aware that many people have their own personal preferences, and he even perhaps a little wary of buying products online, especially given all the brouhaha over whether or not Amazon will start charging sales taxes. Certainly, in the past, it is been to your advantage to buy from Amazon, and it remains to be seen whether or not that stays the same when Amazon start charging the tax. Please let me know what you think in this short poll below.

Where do you prefer to buy your cosmetics?

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