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Where to Buy Jewelry Online at the Lowest Prices

Updated on July 20, 2016

Online shopping is many people’s preferred way of doing business, and shoppers are increasingly buying whatever they can online, including fine jewelry. Internet sales are often associated with lower prices, but this isn’t always the case—you can’t assume that buying that diamond ring or those ruby earrings online is going to automatically mean a lower price than you would get in the store. So where do you go to get the lowest prices on jewelry online?


If you buy new jewelry online from a company that also operates retail locations, you’re unlikely to get a price that is much different from those you’d be offered when you walked into one of their stores. Goods are routinely marked up 100 percent or more so that they can then be offered at a “discount” that still leaves the retailer a healthy profit. Online-only retailers may offer lower prices, since they typically avoid the overhead costs associated with operating brick-and-mortar locations. However, they still have inventory and retail costs to cover, and no reason to undercut their competition by drastic margins. While you may find lower prices here, they will certainly not be the lowest you can get.

In fact, the lowest prices for fine jewelry online won’t be found at a retailer at all. The best opportunity to pick up unique, high-end jewelry is at auction. Buying at auction avoids the fixed costs associated with retail while offering buyers a wider selection of jewelry than can be found in most stores, which tend to focus on what’s popular and trendy. In particular, auctions specializing in seized merchandise and estate auctions can present a golden opportunity to get fine jewelry at a fraction of its retail price. Some of these auctions are no-reserve, which means that bids do not have to meet a minimum threshold for pieces to be sold. Once, these types of sales were only accessible to those who could attend live auctions, but with the introduction of online auctions, now any consumer can take advantage of these deals.

Online auctions offer advantages beyond low prices, however. With online auctions, you can shop for whatever you want, whether it’s a pearl necklace or emerald bracelet, from anywhere in the world. And unlike in retail stores, where the inventory doesn’t turn over quickly, auctions feature a rapidly changing selection of fine jewelry.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to buy fine jewelry online at a fraction of its retail price, offers a wide selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings featuring rare and valuable gemstones. All items are appraised, and prospective buyers are welcome to inquire for further information about any items of interest. Check out our selection, and we’re sure you’ll find a treasure you’ll love for a steal.


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