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Where to Buy Missha BB Cream Online

Updated on January 16, 2013
An advertisement for Missha.
An advertisement for Missha.
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Package
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Package

Missha is a South Korean cosmetic company with a wide range of products. Their most popular products area the bb creams. They have several types of bb cream including the Missha Perfect Cover and Missha Signature Real. Each of these products come in several shades. Even though multiple shades are available of the product, the darkest shade only matches medium skin tones as these products are targeted toward east Asian women, who tend to be lighter skinned.

The unique thing about this company is that it does have a small presence in the United States. You can purchase the products straight from their official website, Missha USA. However, there are also other places you can purchase this cosmetic brand.

Missha M Perfect Cover Advertisement image.
Missha M Perfect Cover Advertisement image.


One of the easiest ways to purchase Missha products is through Amazon. You can purchase the bb cream through third-party sellers. Occasionally, you may be able to find a product fulfilled by Amazon, so you can get free super-saver shipping with a $25 purchase or free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

If you are purchasing through a third-party seller, look at their feedback to ensure they have a good reputation. Always purchase from a seller shipping from either the United States or South Korea. Do not purchase from sellers based in China because they have a reputation for seller fake products.


Sellers register on eBay and sell Missha products directly to you from South Korea. Because they are able to obtain products directly from stores at low prices, you can purchase the products pretty cheap. BB cream on eBay is usually $10 to $15 per tube.

The tips for purchasing through eBay are the same as they are from Amazon: do not buy from a seller based in China. Also be sure to check a seller's feedback.

Missha BB Cream Advertisement

Official Website

Unlike other Korean cosmetic companies, you can purchase Missha products directly from the manufacturer. They have an online store with an assortment of their most popular products. The downside to buying directly from them is that the prices can be up to twice as much as eBay or Amazon. The good thing is you are guaranteed to always receive a high quality and authentic product.


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