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Where to Buy Old Gillette Razors

Updated on August 19, 2010
Flickr user guara ditched his Mach 3 for a DE razor.
Flickr user guara ditched his Mach 3 for a DE razor.

Sometimes less is more and old is new again. To some, this has definitely become the case with razor designs. Savvy shavers from around the world are ditching their modern squeegee-style razors in favour of old-school models like the Gillette Super Speed or Gillette Tech. Designs dating as far back as the 20s are still kicking today as these razors of old are built like tanks.

Best Spots to Get Old Gillette Razors

Finding a vintage double-edge razor can be a little tricky in person. Chances are you will come across an average specimen at best that shows signs of years of abuse. It’s to be expected when a razor might be older than you are. For best results, buy used razors online as you will be able to pick and choose from far more inventory.

Here are your main options:

Vintage Razors to Look For

If you’re new to double-edge shaving, a Gillette Tech is an excellent choice. This type is forgiving and readily available on the used market. There are a number of varieties that are near identical in terms on functionality. You can get one with a ball end, short/fat handle or long handle. “Go pimp” with the brass-plated varieties that suit Hugh Heffner all too well.

Modern Gillette: Greed and Flashy Marketing

The Onion’s hilarious 2004 article pokes fun at the blade count arms race that is happening between competitors Schick and Gillette. It predicts a five-blade product that became a reality two years later when the Fusion was released. Let’s get real Gillette. Consumers are smart enough to see that more blades don’t necessarily translate into a better shave.

Of course every time Gillette releases a new gimmicky razor, the profit margin on the cartridges gets higher. My marketing teacher worked for Gillette earlier in his career. He told us that Gillette loses money on the razors. That’s how men get hooked. The profits come from cartridges! There is as estimated 4,750% mark-up on Gillette’s proprietary blades.

Using an old Gillette razor will save you money, especially when you buy blades in larger quantities. A box of 100 high-quality Feather blades costs around $45. To compare a value pack of 12 Gillette Fusion blades costs $30. See the points below. The “modern” way of shaving is five times more expensive.

  • Fusion: $2.50 per cartride
  • DB razor (Old Gillette): $0.45 per blade

Final Words

It takes a little time to get used to a DE blade. You might even give a yourself pretty good razor burn early on, especially if you use cheap shaving cream. Try some Proraso or Cremo Shave Cream to avoid making the same mistake I did. Both lubricate your skin far better than the stuff in the can.

Shaving with an old Gillette requires that you hold the shaver at the correct angle and use decent technique. It also offers far greater rewards when you get used to it. In time, your 1,003-blade Gillette ad infinitum may become a backup for when you’re really hung-over and lazy.


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