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Where to Buy Stompeez Slippers and Save Money

Updated on July 17, 2012

Save Money on Stompeez

Stompeez are the wacky, fun kids bedroom slippers that are advertised on TV. What makes these slippers unique is the pop-up designs that reveal a cute character face when kids walk. They're available in seven fun designs, and kids love them!

Parents, however, might be wondering where to find them. These slippers originally were available only on the official Stompeez website. Fortunately, they're now available at other online stores, too, and you can save money by shopping at one of these sites. Here's where to buy Stompeez and save money, too.

Save Money with Free Shipping

The official Stompeez website currently sells all seven of its designs for $19.95 each plus $6.95 for shipping and handling for each pair of slippers ordered. So you'll pay $26.90 for each pair of Stompeez slippers if you order from this site. They do offer a "free gift" with each order, but you'll pay an additional shipping and handling charge for this gift.

A cheaper way to buy Stompeez is to shop at Amazon or eBay. Both sites offer official Stompeez kids bedroom slippers, and although the price of the slippers may be a bit higher (they're currently priced from $19.99 to $24.99 on Amazon, depending on the design you choose), you can save money if you get free shipping.

On Amazon, Stompeez are eligible for free Prime shipping if you have a Prime membership or Free Super Saver Shipping if you purchase at least $25 of eligible products. That means the total cost of your Stompeez won't be more than $24.99, saving you nearly $2 off the cost of the same slippers purchased through the official Stompeez website. If you buy two pairs of slippers, you save even more, as the official website charges shipping for each pair of Stompeez you buy. The nice thing about shopping at Amazon is that you can buy any eligible product to reach the $25 minimum for Free Super Saver Shipping. Once you reach the minimum, ALL the items in your order will receive free shipping. And if you're a Prime member, there's no minimum.

On eBay, you may also find Stompeez priced a little higher than on the official website. But, as with Amazon, if you can get free shipping, you will end up saving money. To find sellers with free shipping, go to eBay and search for "Stompeez" and then scroll down the left column to the bold heading that says "Show Only" and check the box for Free Shipping. This will alter the search results to only show the Stompeez kids slippers with free shipping. Then be sure to check the seller ratings before making a purchase.

You can save money on these fun kids bedroom slippers by shopping at Amazon or eBay. Your kids will be happy, and so will you!

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