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Where to Find Awesome Nail Decals

Updated on November 24, 2017

What types of Nail Decals/ Nail Art is Available

There are a couple different kinds of nail decals, including anything from plain stickers to clay, acrylic, silica, and gel. And within that group are different varieties of each. Below is a short description of the different varieties of Nail Decals.

Plain Stickers: We don't need to talk about these, you peel and stick, and they don't work well. They do have fancy ones that are a little better, but there are plenty of other decals you can use that will look better.

Nail Stickers: Their are plenty of pre-made stickers and decals specifically designed for your nails. You can also print out designs on decal paper and adhere them to your nails with clear nail polish.

Polymer Clay Decals: These are made of clay and you can buy them pre-cut or in rolls. If you buy them in rolls you need to cut them as thin as you possibly can. To apply them you place them on your nails and brush a coat of clear polish over them and let it dry. The nail polish holds it in place.

Metal and Acrylic Decals: These are similar to the above, but are made of metal or acrylic and are always pre-cut. To apply, place on your nail and cover with clear nail polish and let them dry.

Silica Gel: These are pliable gel decals that get applied, most commonly with nail glue. You can try to use clear nail polish to adhere them to your nails, but they stick better with nail glue.

Tip Decals: These are used to paint the tips or add designs by hand. They aren't exactly decals, but they help with painting and applying designs.

Water Dipped Decals: These decals require you to dip them in water to remove their backing and applying over top of your nails. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it, but they create really great designs.

Tons of Nail Decals
Tons of Nail Decals

Where to Find Awesome Nail Decals


Amazon always has a ton of decals and other nail accessories. I have picked some of my favorite to the right of this paragraph. Check them out, there are too many to list.

Amazon Search for Nail Decals

Search Instagram

You can also do a search on instagram for nails and you get a ton of variety, from beginners to expert nail artists. Follow some of them and you can get tips and tricks from some of the good Instagrammers.

Search Pinterest

Pinterest is a great resource for nails. Check out my board, I post a lot of fun nail art designs. (Jewel0531)

Learn how to Draw Nail Art

More Advanced Nail Art

If you have a steady hand you can try you hand at some nail art that involved a paint brush and some acrylic paint. If you have ever asked for designs on your nails in a nail salon, they generally do it this way. It's quite an interesting thing to watch, and the detail some can get are amazing. Here is a video of something you can try if you are feeling quite confident with your tiny painting skills.


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    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 3 years ago from India

      These are some really pretty nail decals and i wasnt aware that there were so many types available, good hub, voted up