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Where to Find Cheap Designer Handbags

Updated on May 18, 2015
Tory Burch Satchel, Priscilla Small $695. Where to Find Cheap Designer Handbags.
Tory Burch Satchel, Priscilla Small $695. Where to Find Cheap Designer Handbags.

If you want to know where to find cheap designer handbags, don't go to a department store or full-retail boutique! Keep these tips in mind to find that high-end purse at a discount.

At the end of this article is also a handy designer purse brands list you can use next time you go on a search for an expensive handbag.

Wealthy Neighborhood Consignment Stores

  • The purse of your dreams might retail for $500, but if you wait a season you could find it for $75, with little to no wear on it. The key to finding high-end purses is to go to wealthy neighborhoods in your locale and look through the merchandise at consignment stores in those areas.

    Even women of means would rather get money for their gently used accessories than toss them. That's where you come in. Be a frequent visitor to two or three specific consignment shops. This way you will be able to detect new handbags as they come in and score a great deal.

Brand Name Outlets

  • Handbag brands such as Coach and Tory Burch have their own outlets with regularly discounted purses. Coach is especially well-known for having outlets across the country. If you want to get lucky at these stores, that are also usually crowded, be there shortly after they open in the morning.

    There are a lot of purse-crazed women out there with the same idea as you. The early bird gets the purse, and in the meantime you won't have to deal with crowds. As an example, it is not uncommon to find a $375 Coach tote for $175 at a Coach outlet.

Coach Madison Leather Tote $298. Designer Purse Brands List.
Coach Madison Leather Tote $298. Designer Purse Brands List.

Share the Purchase of a Handbag

  • Sharing the purchase of a handbag is a great idea if you have a sister or relative who is just as crazy about designer handbags as you. If you find a Michael Kors handbag you both love for $700, consider splitting the sale with each other for $350.

    Keep a little appointment slip as to who gets to borrow the bag and when. At first this idea sounds a little odd, but consider over the years how many times you end up sharing with your family members anyway. Even if you can afford the $700, you will get to carry around the handbag for only $350. That sounds like smart shopping to me!

Online Auctions (EBay, etc.)

  • Online auction sites such as EBay give you a plethora of shopping possibilities all in one spot. You will usually have the most luck in buying gently used Coach bags on EBay as wallets of very high end designers like Gucci or Fendi.

Burberry Hobo, Gosford Medium $1,495
Burberry Hobo, Gosford Medium $1,495

Designer Purse Brands List

  • Alexander McQueen
  • Balenciaga
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Burberry
  • Chloe
  • Coach
  • Cole Haan
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Fendi
  • Gucci
  • Judith Leiber
  • kate spade new york
  • Lanvin
  • Longchamp
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Michael Kors
  • Phillip Lim
  • Prada
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Stella McCartney
  • Tory Burch
  • Valentino
  • Yves Saint Laurent


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