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Where to Shop for Wholesale Beauty Products: 5 Top Destinations

Updated on October 8, 2012
Wholesale cosmetics - a thrifty way to looking nifty.
Wholesale cosmetics - a thrifty way to looking nifty. | Source

Where to go to get the Best Rates on Cosmetics

Beauty products at wholesale are rapidly becoming hot-ticket items, with more and more people looking for savings, as well as great ways to ‘self-beautify’, all in one fell swoop. When you compare the current scenario with yesteryears, you’ll notice that there aren’t any restrictions that only allow licensed beauticians to purchase in bulk. A freer market means more benefits to the average consumer and better access to cheaper materials. 5 of the top wholesale dealers are mentioned here for you to take advantage of.

Sally Beauty Supply is one of the stalwarts of this industry, with stores all over the nation. Although a beauty license is not essential to be able to purchase, additional discounts will apply if you do have one from your state. All hair care, skin care and beauty products are showcased, with some terrific deep discounting and savings opportunities for the astute buyer.

The Discount Beauty Center carries one of the largest supplies of beauty products at wholesale in the country. They are an exclusive online store, and even carry tools of the trade, such as blow-driers, curlers and straightening devices. At nearly 70% down from retail prices on a lot of their merchandise, they are easily the best option for a non-licensed beauty expert as well as the average consumer. They also stock a wide range of perfumes and scents.

Dollar Days are another wholesaler, and one that supplies cosmetics and beauty products to Dollar Stores across the country. A lot of basics like manicure/pedicure kits come with heavy discounts and specials. Discounting is extremely deep for large orders so come prepared with a list of the things you will need for the next year or so.

T and M Trading is another online store that imports and sells bulk quantities at wholesale. Several brands of cosmetic accessories are available, and party shoppers and gift givers will find this a veritable treasure-house of goodies to give away to friends, relatives and neighbors alike.

Alternative Beauty is another popular supplier of private label brands of spa supplies. It’s open for anyone to buy, but their forte is skin care cosmetics. Online purchases will often take about 2 weeks to ship while they acquire stock from other companies. However, their range of products for various skin types is often worth the wait, as are the discounts they provide.

When shopping online at these stores or going directly to ones that have brick and mortar stores, make sure you go with a list if you don’t want to end up with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff you’ll never use. An organized approach can go a long way in helping you reduce your budget; a disorganized one could actually defeat the whole purpose of going to a wholesaler.


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