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Where to Buy NYX Makeup Online

Updated on June 11, 2013

There is a store online, where you can buy NYX cosmetics and makeup, and they always have everything in stock, and although you're buying them through another outlet, what you're actually doing is buying them direct from the manufacturer, which means one, you get the best prices, and two, they always have everything in stock, so you're never disappointed.

The store is Amazon, and these are some of the most popular items from NYC. Personally – I love this manufacturer and they make some of the best cosmetics makeup for the prices to be had anywhere. Okay – you can get something flashier and fancier and more expensive if you wish, but this is a fantastic range of makeup that I think is very underpriced.

So keep reading if you want to find out what's hot in cosmetics.

NYX Cosmetics Black Label Lipstick, Nude

This is the "nude," version of their black label lipstick, and I have to say this is one of the best lipsticks of this type that I have ever used – and believe me – I have used them all in my time. Considering I spent most of my working life in a beauty Salon in London, this is perhaps not surprising. Even when I was not buying them myself and was only getting free samples I have tried everything from major manufacturers like Rimmel, Chanel etc.

These are fantastic for chapped lips as well, on the full range includes dozens of colors, so you can almost make any combination by having more than one lipstick on top of each other I highly recommend these because they are very long lasting and I was asked to say you probably don't even need to add a gloss because it's so smooth.

NYX Cosmetics Concealer Wand, Light

This consealer is fantastic, and the formula is been designed to work with all skin types, so even if you have oily or dry skin, this concealer works just as well is if you have normal skin. It never gets dried out and goes flaky, and this is brilliant for me because I have very heavy freckles, and it covers them up nicely.

I can't recommend this product enough, and when you combine it with the other products in their range, the other full-service makeup sets pale in comparison. As far as I'm concerned, it is incredible value for money and I think they could probably charge twice as much as they do charge and people still purchase it.

Highly recommended, great value for money, definitely must-buy product. They also offer a range of concealers in a jar, which are just as good.

NYX Cream Blush, Glow

Another fantastic product that's really knocked my socks off when I first tried it, because it is not only a fantastic cream blush, it also hydrates and conditions your skin because it's infused with mineral oils.

Once again, there is a massive range of choices as far as colors go, and I defy anybody to not find a color that suits their skin tone. Fantastic product again great texture and nice neutral color that will go with most people. Is hard to match the colors up properly online, but generally these cream blushes go on a little darker than you would imagine from the photographs. Of course – once you get to know the product – and I'm absolutely certain you will continue with this brand once you have tried them – you will know which colors suit you best.

NYX Eye Shadow Palette 78 colors!

I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to this collection of eyeshadows. Apparently this was inspired by "every eye color imaginable," which is rather strange, because there are only so many eye colors, and this palette has 78 colors in it, and it also comes with an applicator and a mirror.

I love this thing, and although it's not something you would want to carry around in your handbag, if you are applying makeup before you leave the house this is wonderful. When you consider that you can actually combine the colors as well as using straight colors, you can make almost any color you like.

I suspect you will never need to buy another eyeshadow again if you buy this set. Well worth the money as far as I'm concerned, because you can usually find this for less than $20 from Amazon.


I think it was Henry Ford who said "you can have any color you like, as long as it's black," and these guys got exactly the opposite direction. There are actually 27 colors in this range of eyeshadow pencils, and although it's tempting to buy them all, that adds up to a fair chunk of money when you consider they are around five dollars a piece. You can actually buy more than one batch, and that comes with a free pencil sharpener.

For me – I'm not sure it's worth it, because there are a fair few colors in this range that I would not want to use, but if you could share the purchase with a friend, you could probably save a decent amount of money because the full range is usually less than $75. If you buy them individually you would actually end up paying more like $130 to buy all of them.

NYX Cosmetics Long Lasting Slim Lip Liner Pencils 6 Colors - Cabaret, Plum, Plush Red, Hot Red, Deep Red; Edge Pink

This is another "too many to choose from," but fortunately the makers tend to offer these lip liner pencils in batches of six similar colors. Most women can only carry off a certain range of color their skin tone, and I'm not sure once again it makes sense to buy all although – like the eyeliners – it is actually cheaper to buy them all in one batch.

These actually contain coconut oil, rather than mineral oil as a natural hydration system. That means it is worth bearing in mind if you are allergic to coconut oil, as one of my friends is, because she applied one of these and lips were very itchy for some time and she didn't know why.

I love these things, and you will too once you have tried them!

NYX Round Long Lasting Lip Gloss 36pc Full Size (in 36 different colors) with free cosmetic bag

Seriously? Thirty six different colors with a free cosmetic bag? How could you resist? I know that's three questions in one go, but I honestly couldn't resist this and I'm sure you won't be able to either. In fact – you probably have your friends coming around just to borrow your lip gloss. I actually paid just over $40 for this set, which is just over a dollar a piece definitely worth buying.

Without a doubt, these are one of the best lip gloss products available, and I would certainly compare them favorably with any of the more expensive brands out there. These will match almost anybody's skin tones, and they are very long-lasting as well.

Fantastic value for money, and of course – the mix well with the other products in the range. Perhaps more accurately colored than some of the other products we have discussed.


One of my favorite NYX products is their round lipsticks, and this set of six for around $20 is incredible value for money, and like all their products – is superb quality. There are several different variations of colors, but usually they are closely themed together. I'm not sure exactly how many different colors are in their lineup, but I have a feeling it's once again "too many to choose from," because they really know how to add variety to their range of products.

Goes on easy, is long-lasting, and once again compares favorably to any of the more expensive brands available. And the great thing about buying from Amazon is you can combine multiple products in order to save money on shipping costs.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 3 Piece Set - Give a Little Love

If I had to choose and buy just one NYX product, it would probably be this lip cream, because it is so smooth, and the colors are so gorgeous. I would guess that these three will go with almost any woman's complexion.

The soft, matte look makes such a nice change from the usual glossy lipstick that most people use. I have to say this is one of their more expensive products, but I'll let them off because it's such a great product. Having said that, it is still fantastic value for money, and if I can prevent my eldest daughter from stealing them from me, I'm very happy with them.

Highly recommended and a great range of shades in this kit.

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