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Where To Buy Cheap OluKai Sandals - Finding Discount OluKai Flip Flops

Updated on June 13, 2009

Why Buy OluKai?

OluKai flip flops come from the home of surfing: Hawaii.  In fact the name itself is a combination of the Hawaiian words Olu, meaning comfort, and Kai, meaning ocean.These flip flops are exceptional due to their high quality craftmanship and environmentally conscious practices.  All OluKai materials, including leather, are water resistant and incredibly soft to the skin.  The inner portions of their sandals are engineered to provide comfort and support as you walk.  These features have earned the company the reputation of being one of the most comfotable sandal manufacturers around, and OluKai has tons of fans.

The thing that turns most people off of OluKai, however, is the price.  Most folks think that paying over $80 for a sandal is rather expensive, which is why I have created this guide.  I'll guide you to where you can find the cheap OluKai flip flops and sandals.

OluKai Hiapo Flip Flops
OluKai Hiapo Flip Flops

Styles of OluKai Sandals Available

OluKai sandals come in many popular styles, all built out of the same quality materials. Some of their more higher-end flip flops, such as the OluKai Hiapo series, even feature Polynesian art on the footbed.

Here are some of the more popular designs for men and women.

Olukai Flip Flops For Men:

  • OluKai Lomi
  • OluKai Ohana
  • OluKai Humu
  • OluKai Hiapo

Olukai Sandals For Women:

  • OluKai Ohana W
  • OluKai Amo W
  • OluKai Humu W
  • OluKai Haiku W
  • OluKai Lani W
  • OluKai Mahana

There are few differences between these flip flops and sandals.  Most come in both synthetic and leather varieties, and they are all incredibly comfortable.  What differs in the actual shape of the shoe, and it's important to try them on to see which is most comfortable for your feet.

Where To Buy Cheap OluKai Sandals

OluKai sandals are hard enough to find in stores, finding a cheap pair of OluKai flip flops in a retail store is a nigh impossible task.  Luckily, the internet exists.  Online retailers offer the best discounts and prices on footwear in general, and many sites now follow the Zappos model of offering free two-way shipping.  If your sandals don't fit then just ship 'em back for free!  It's that simple.

Or, you could try a pair on in a store and then go home and order it online, knowing that it will fit.  It's less risky and you'll have some peace of mind while waiting for your OluKai footwear to arrive.


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      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      Nice hub i LOVE MY COMFORT.....