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What to wear with a maxi skirt

Updated on October 17, 2014

Where to find them?

Here is a quick review of the most beautiful maxi skirts for this summer with places to find them in.

1. Bershka

Bershka is one of the most shops that sells beautiful and simple maxi skirts, here is an exemple of the skirts that you can find in Bershka stores those days!

This skirt is also available in light pink and black. Its price is about 40$.

2. Zara

You can find there amazing skirts with elastic waist.

This one is also about 40$ or 50$. And it's available in 2 other colors; royal blue and peach.

3. Shana

Shana is a Spanish brand known with its low prices and basic stuffs.

This skirt is for about 20$, and you can also find a red one and a light pink.

4. H&M

Skirts of H&M are a little bit different from other mentioned as they are sometimes simple and other times decorated with different colors and patterns.

Prices are also about 20$.

How to wear them?

Maxi skirts can be worn in both winter and summer. To make your outfit looks casual, you can simply wear it with a denim shirt.

For a special occasion, you can wear it with a metallic belt.

Finally, the leather jacket is the best with maxi skirts for winter!

Do you usually wear maxi skirts?

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