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Where to find trendy plus size clothes

Updated on November 3, 2010

where to find plus size clothes

where to find trendy plus size clothes

Plus size clothing up coming trend?

So many woman in the United States on an average are a size 14. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 14? Thin is not in. Not all women should be stick thin. Healthy eatting, taking good vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and a daily exercise routine. I thought Marilyn Monroe was sexy. She was a Curvy woman and she looked great. If you are reading this and you are a curvy plus size woman, keep reading. All you need are the right style of plus size clothes to flatter your figure. If you are heavy on the bottom my suggestion is a loose blouse with a flared skirt below the knee. Never wear anything tight and form fitting. Wear plus size clothes that extenuate your body. Dresses and skirts are great. Also a great pair of black wide leg pants make you look slender. Just a few good tips to use when looking for plus size clothes. Never wear 100% cotton jeans. Try wearing my Curvy fashion dark indigo plus size jeans with cotton and spandex. They slenderize you and are very comfortable wearing, no matter what your size you will look and feel great in them. The spandex in them go with your curves, which is great, so even if you gain a few pounds it won't matter. I know because trust me I have been there many times. I hope some of these fashion tips have helped you. If you are looking for affordable, stylish, trendy plus size clothes, look no more.

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