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Which Are the Best Fitting Jeans for Your Butt? Put Your Best Booty Forward!

Updated on June 29, 2011

Trying to find the best fitting jeans for your butt? Tired of buying jeans only to find that they make your butt look flat or too wide? Certain brands of jeans are better for some figures than others. Also, the cut of the jeans and style can flatter, hide, or improve the way your butt looks. Read on to find out which ones are the best fitting jeans for your butt.

What Are the Best Fitting Jeans for a Big Butt?

If you're looking for the best fitting jeans for a big butt, there are many brands that now cater to women with curves. Unlike days past, women with big butts are proud of their booties and like to show them off.

If you have a big butt and want to find jeans that fit well, look for jeans that contain at least some spandex. Spandex added to jeans allow them to stretch and give, which is really important for women with curves. Flare or boot cut jeans are the best styles for big butts, as they make your figure appear more balanced.

If you don't like your big butt, avoid wearing jeans with pockets, especially if the pockets are widely spaced apart. This will make your butt look even bigger. The best jeans to make a butt look smaller are jeans with no pockets or decorations at all on the back side. This includes fancy embroidery or anything that will draw attention to your bottom.

Some of the best jeans for girls with big butts include Joe's jeans, Seven, Baby Phat, and Apple Bottom.

True Religion Jeans for Flat Butts

Find the Best Jeans for Your Flat Butt

Do you have the opposite problem of a big butt? Do you need to find the best fitting jeans for a flat butt? It is very difficult to find jeans that fit well on flat derrieres. Because denim doesn't give, it will not help the appearance of a flat butt at all.

Don't wear jeans made out of thick denim. If you want to wear jeans and look good with a flat butt, buy denim that has spandex so the jeans won't be so stiff and rigid. These will be the best fitting jeans for your figure.

Like the opposite of finding the best jeans for a big butt, you want jeans with lots of embellishments on the rear. Button pockets, flap pockets, and heavy stitching all help give your butt more oomph. Don't buy jeans that are plain on the backside. This will just emphasize the lack of curves.

A boot cut is a flattering jeans style for you. Don't wear jeans that are baggy or straight legs. Try to find jeans that are a bit tighter in the hip area. Joe's jeans, Levis, True Religion, and Gap jeans are all good jeans brands to try for flat butts.

What Are the Best Fitting Jeans to Make a Sagging Butt Look Good?

If your butt has started to sag, there are still jeans that will help you look nice. The best fitting jeans for a sagging butt will be straight leg or skinny jeans. Because they make your legs look long, they produce an optical illusion that your derriere is higher and more shapely. Angled pockets help a saggy butt look better. Look for jeans with embellishments or pockets that are placed high on the back so your butt looks rounder and higher. Try the Not Your Daughters jeans brand if you have a saggy butt for the best fitting jeans.

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