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Which Tattoo should I Get?

Updated on May 28, 2011


For about two years now, I've been toying around with the idea of getting a tattoo. It all started when one of my very dear friends died and I wanted to pay him tribute and keep him close to my heart at all times. A year later, another one of my friends died (awesome past two years, guys!) and I thought about it again. 

So these are my tattoo ideas. Obviously, if I'm going to do this I want to be 100% sure of what I want. After all, it will be with me forever (unless I get lasered.)


  • Constant reminder of my values with me at all times
  • Keeps my lost friends close to me always


  • My parents might disinherit me. (Kidding! But they wouldn't be too happy...)
  • What will it look like when I'm old and wrinkly?!
  • Doesn't fit too well with my burgeoning business career



Pronounced "Saw-dage", saudade is Portuguese for an emotional state akin to nostalgia. It's a feeling of deep longing for something that no longer is -- a memory, a lost love, a deceased friend.

I like this one right now because it sums up my feelings about the friends I've lost to the Grim Reaper and my own feelings towards not wanting to grow up. However, I find it a little fatalistic. 



"The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything." As explained in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, one of my favorite book series of all time.

Funny, nerdy and probably relatively rare. I like it.

Music notes
Music notes

Music Notes

Both of my friends were very talented musicians, so I think this would be a nice way to pay tribute to both of them. I was thinking of having one note for each, but two music notes alone seems a little "meh."

A treble clef or a combination of treble clef and music notes, as seen in the picture, is pretty cool too. My other problem is, although I love music, I'm no musician by any means of the imagination.

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

This is the title of a Pink Floyd song from their album A Saucerful of Secrets.

Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands and I really like this song. The meaning I give to the quote is very hopeful, though I'm not sure what Pink Floyd meant by it (the lyrics are a little obscure). I see it as a reminder to go for the light, go full speed towards happiness. 

I couldn't find a picture of this quote as a tattoo, which is cool too because it means it's rare.

Compass Rose
Compass Rose

Compass Rose

A compass rose is the little drawing that indicates north, south, west and east on a map. 

Have I mentioned I feel a little lost these days, navigating through becoming an adult and all that? I could really use a compass to tell me where I'm going and where I should be going. 


Three Mast Ship

Pretty self-explanatory. A three mast ship is what is pictured on the right of this text.

This represents travel, the desire to leave and freedom. All things I love. I also love the sea and sailing. And it's still a beautiful metaphor for the ultimate voyage we will all make someday. A reminder that, hopefully, my friends are on a beautiful trip somewhere beyond the horizon.


Which of these do you prefer?

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    • profile image

      Carol 2 years ago

      sorry to break it to you, but saudade (pronounced sau-da-gee) actually just means "to miss" in Portuguese. May as well get "to miss" tattooed. If you still want it though you should get "Saudades" so it can actually mean to miss someone/something instead of just the word miss.

    • ALEESHAB94 profile image

      ALEESHAB94 6 years ago

      Whatever you like is what's best to go on YOUR body. I remember when I got my first tattoo my whole family was giving me crazy ideas. I didn't want to have any regrets so I wen with what I wanted and didn't care what they thought of it. Also my suggestion is to start small, then add on if you want.! :)

    • The Bucket Lister profile image

      The Bucket Lister 6 years ago

      Fairies and dolphins?! haha!

    • Jennuhlee profile image

      Jennuhlee 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great hub I loved seeing the unique ideas you found! There are so many risks with tattoos, specially with getting cliches, I was so glad to see you did not have one single owl, butterfly, or cherry blossom tree. Bravo!

    • The Bucket Lister profile image

      The Bucket Lister 6 years ago

      Definitely! These are all things that have very deep meaning for me. Well... maybe not "42"... haha

    • KateWest profile image

      KateWest 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Whichever one defines you outside of current time (i.e. long-lasting). I have a recent hub on mine actually.