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White Lace Dress | Your Spring Minimalism

Updated on October 6, 2010

One of the biggest trend touching down for the coming year is the concept of lace as outerwear. Say goodbye to the little black dress and welcome the little white lace dress if you know what's good for you, because lace is going to be absolutely everywhere. (Seriously, everywhere, like a fashionable kind of vermin you can wear without PETA doing their heads in.)

If you need proof of this fact, just look at all these celebrities showing off their celebrity figures in white lace dresses!

Why, it's none other than Milla Jovovich, Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton all wearing white lace dresses. My it's like a who's who of people who wear clothing!

But seriously, aside from celebrities who wear what their stylists or therapists tell them to, white lace has featured heavily on the catwalks during recent fashion weeks held around the globe. Dolce & Gabanna in particular made a meal of the white lace theme during fashion week in Milan.

As I noted at the time: White lace is the order of the day at Dolce & Gabbana, with the designer duo embracing all things lace at a recent fashion show in Milan in which lace proved to be a most versatile medium. Indeed, one was left with the impression that there is apparently absolutely nothing that cannot be transformed into white lace, and though white lace dresses made frequent appearances, the lace did not end there and extended into lady suits, jackets, short skirts, bloomers, corsets and babydolls.

So what do you need to know about wearing white lace? Well, underwear can be of particular importance in matters of white lace, though in most all cases, white lace dresses will be well lined in all strategically essential places, to keep your assets being discovered by unfriendly entities.

Of course, there is a certain danger when it comes to wearing white lace - and that is the chance that the woman in the white lace dress looks like a jilted bride wandering the highways and byways of the nation hunting for a lost groom. There is the potential to appear a little too 'Miss Havisham' for the comfort of the general population.

In order to avoid the 'bride' trap, expect to find lace dresses often coming in around mid thigh to knee length, and making the most of the see through nature of lace along hem lines, shoulders and upper chest regions.

This is likely to be one of those trends that really separates the fashion aware from their counterparts, for a white lace dress is not an item of attire that can simply be thrown on like a tshirt and jeans and worn for three days straight. No, a white lace dress requires a great deal of its wearer, who must avoid pasta sauce, grass and muddy pawed dogs at all costs. However, if one can keep oneself clean, the look is fresh, clean and entirely fashionable.


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