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White Shirt

Updated on September 13, 2010

A white shirt is definitely a must-have in a woman’s closet. It is indispensable like the tunic dress, shirt dress and the plaid shirts. A collection of high-end dresses and high-priced designer jeans and shoes is never complete without it. It is the single most important piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe according to many famous style editors and the queen of talk herself, Oprah Winfrey. The crisp, button-down white shirt has to be fitted and it must be perfect at all times.

There are many types of white shirts. There are white t shirts, white sleeve shirts, white shirts for women as well as men’s white shirts. Some do not come in a solid white color. Others are black and white in control.

white shirt
white shirt
mens white shirt
mens white shirt

How to Find the Perfect White Shirt

Every single woman in the world should own a white shirt. A man also has to own one as well. A white shirt is classy, fresh and sexy. You can play it up or dress down. Just like everything in life, considerations must be taken before purchasing one. After all, a white shirt is not just a white shirt. Read the rips below to find the perfect white shirt.

black white shirt
black white shirt

Fabric, Length and Buttons

  • Fabric. The safest choice is cotton or twill when it comes to fabric. Both have the slightest hint of stretch that will give you a really nice shape. They will also keep you cool all day long. Do not purchase cheap fabrics, they will never look good.
  • Length. Stick to the classic length. This means long enough to tuck into your favorite slacks or jeans and short enough to wear it untucked and accessorized with a belt. The rule of thumb is, your belly button should not show when you raise your arms.
  • Buttons. This is just one of the little details that people often overlook or miss. They may be small but they add an extra touch of style to your white shirt. If you see a white shirt you really like, but you hate the buttons, that is ok. You can always buy buttons which you like and sew them on instead.

white sleeve shirt
white sleeve shirt

Length of the Sleeves & Shape of the Shirt

  • Length of the sleeves. Make sure that the sleeves hit the point just before the joint in your thumb closest to the wrist. Do not make the mistake of purchasing anything shorter. This will make you look like you just borrowed the shirt from your younger sister. Anything longer will give you a difficult time with your meals.
  • Shape of the shirt. The shape of the shirt should follow the contours of the body without wrinkling at the back, tugging under the arms and at the waist. The shirt should also not gape open at the bust. There should be no buttons popping, that is very unsightly indeed. Never attempt to squeeze your frame into a white shirt that is too small, no matter how beautiful it is.

white shirts women
white shirts women

Ways to Wear a White Shirt

There are more than one ways to wear a white shirt. It is a very versatile piece of clothing. It can be very casual, comfy or a little dressy. Here are three looks that might inspire you add a little spice to your very own white shirt.

  • Night out. White tees can be great options for dates and parties. White shirts can be paired with leggings and high heels. Accessories like chunky necklaces and simple pearl earrings can be worn to glamorize the outfit. Black pumps and stiletto heels can add sophistication and elegance.
  • Casual and comfy. This is great for times when you want to go out on simple dates with your girlfriends. You can wear it when you just want to lounge or when you feel lazy. The shirt can be paired with shorts or denim pants and a pair of flat sandals for that effortless look of comfort and ease.
  • Laidback. This is what you wear when you go shopping or hang out in your favorite café. It is a look that is laidback and comfortable, but not too casual. The white shirt can be paired with jeans and strappy heels. Because white goes with everything, you can pair it with pants whichhave great designs.


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