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White Toy Watch

Updated on February 20, 2011

White Toy Watches have become very popular, even appearing in movies like the one above worn by Sandra Bullock in the Blindside.  The best prices can be found on Amazon and they even offer free shipping.  Click Here to See Amazon's Selection of White Toy Watches

Undoubtedly, one of the hottest fashion watches on the market today are the Toy Watches. This up and coming watch maker uses innovative materials and wild colors to provide a look unlike any other watch. These watches are highly noticeable, and big names like Oprah and Miley Cyrus have been seen wearing them. In fact, Sandra Bullock wore a white Toy Watch in the Blindside. And while they make all sorts of different models from army chronographs to beautiful ladies Toy Watches with Swarovski crystals, the company is be known for their Jelly Toy Watch and Plateramic Toy Watch collections.

If you are looking to buy white Toy Watch online, the best place to buy one is on Amazon. Right now they have a Toy Watch sale that can save you up to 50% or more. In addition to this they have the lowest prices on Toy Watches that I could find on the internet and nearly all of them qualify for free shipping. Plus, Amazon is offering no-interest financing for 6 months on watches over $149 (see details). Something to think about if you are interested.

White Toy Watches

The white Toy Watches come in both men and women's as well as unisex styles.  By far the most popular white toy watch is the one that Sandra Bullock wore in the Blindside and that is the diamond studded bezel version of the Classic Collection (see watch on right).  While this is a truly beautiful, there are several variations including one with a rotating bezel. 

Then there are the white plasteramic Toy Watch watches that use a special plastic to give it the look of a real ceramic watch.  These ladies watches are a bit smaller and not nearly as large and chunky as the classic collection watches. 

Then there are the white jelly Toy Watch watches that have the soft jelly like wristband. 

Then if you are looking for a mostly white watch with some stylish metal accents there are the watches from the Heavy Metal Collection.

There is also the Pearlized Toy Watch collection which puts a Mother of Pearl finish on both the watch face and the watch band to give it a slightly different tone and look.

And finally there are the white Toy Watch watches from the Zebra collection. These share the plasteramic wristband but put a zebra pattern on the watch face giving some flair to an otherwise austere watch.


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