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Hot White Watches and White Summer Fashion Trends Shopping Tips

Updated on December 24, 2013

Guess White Watches


The Latest Summer Fun White Watches!

Not only is white the hottest look for the summer season, white accessories make the fashion trend even hotter. Guess Co. watch designers have really began to livened up the designer, jewelry, fashion market with their new, white ceramic and leather watch band styles. This year's summer season is sure to be dazzling with watch-faces, blinged out in crystals, diamonds, and rhinestones.

Companies such as Fossil, Anne Klein, and Michael Kors, are also now hitching a ride, on the white watch look bandwagon. Copying many of the great styles that Guess Co., has invented over the past four years. All a person might need, to give their Spring and Summer wardrobe a fresh twist, would simply be to add;

  • Sexy white sunglasses,
  • A white watch, and
  • Matching white clutch purse; might be all that is needed, to make your summer wardrobe scream summer 2014!

Budget Minded Folks Shop Ebay

Regularly $500.00
Regularly $500.00 | Source

Tidbits to Shopping Online For Name Brand Merchandise

Whether you choose a leather or ceramic watch band, there are always great deals to be had online. Stores like,, and are great retail resources for getting a great bargain on designer timepieces, purses and sunglasses, virtually anytime of the year. I have found that when shopping for designer brand merchandise, shopping the off season is a sure fire bet to buying something, at a much better deal. It also another great opportunity to see what the going market is bearing for a particular item. Name brand fashions can easily be resold at consignment stores and online auction sites.

  • Keep good care of the merchandise, and when something new comes out in the next decade or so- resale the piece you just purchased. I purchased a Burberry purse online about five years ago. I paid $340 for the large size, authentic, Burberry, doctor bag. I sold it recently for $325. Even though I did not get my full $340 dollars back, I did basically own and use an authentic Burberry purse for five years, at an out-of-pocket cost of only $3.00 per year that I own the bag. Which by the way, was originally a fifteen hundred dollar purse.
  • There are definitely good values on online- it just takes a little initiative to finding them. I suggest you start your search for summer goods in the months of October, January and February. Sometimes you can find a great deal, in the height of a seasonal time frame such as; purchasing Summer item's in late July or late August.

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Add White Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

"Grooving On A Sunday Afternoon..."

  • In the 1960s, chic women wore white eyeshadow or liquid white eyeliner. Either one of those easy tricks brought out the sophisticated side for women of that time period, by adding a touch of sex appeal. By adding white to their makeup, those women of the 1960s definitely added a brighter feature to their ordinarily drab, hippie, styles.
  • The same touches of white today, will also create a fun, sexier, twist to a pair of plain blue jeans, and white t-shirt combination. You can even use white, as a sharp contrast to make any hot pink outfit or bold colored outfit explode electricity. Wear all white when meeting a lover for a night cap, "Oh snap!", it's bound to be an erotic moment between the two of you. Give your wardrobe a boost this season, choose to wear something fun in white!

White Summer Easy Accentuation

Add a terry clothe white jacket to your beach wear.
Add a terry clothe white jacket to your beach wear.

Hot White Fashion Run Down:

Now is the time to adorn yourself with the latest white fashion wear. It is time to unmask your sexy side and get ready for a planned winter cruise to the Caribbean or some Summer fun. Whatever the occasion may be, it is definitely a great time to shop for vivid and vivacious styles in white.

  • From sunglasses to purses, flip flops to watches; remember Spring and Summer white sales ads blanket the Internet starting in: January, February, and even early March.
  • With a wide array of styles, to choose from shown in white these days, it can be hard to know if you are getting the best online deal. Sophist it to say, when it comes to fashion, keeping your budget at bay, might be the easier choice, when white is all the rage. If that is not an option, shop great online outlets such as Amazon, Ebay or
  • Do not be afraid to add touches of white to your eyes this Summer season. Adding white eyeshadow or eyeliner is a quick way to feeling and looking hip, hot, and in style!

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