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14k White Gold 8.5-9mm White Freshwater Cultured AA Quality Pearl Necklace

Updated on November 29, 2012

The White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Why I Love the White Freshwater pearl Necklace......

When it comes to buying gifts for the women in my life I tend be clueless and so I tend to stick with flowers, chocolate and of course the tried and trusted gift that is jewelry.

As I am getting married in a couple of weeks I currently do not have much time to go to local jewel shops and was worried about buying jewelry online (I tend to be one of those who wants to see what I am buying straight away if I am buying anything over the $50 mark). To ensure I did not get scammed I decided to buy from Amazon and was happy to see some of the sale prices available.

Compare the "quality" "size" and "color" of these pearls to those in your neighbourhood jewelry store then compare the Price! You will do as I did and "click" buy it and your wife will just love you for them. I promise!

The classic 14k White or Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace is a must-have for your jewelry box. The round pearls have good uniformity for an even, consistent look while the medium lustre provides an elegant shine. The freshwater cultured pearls range from 8.5 and 9 millimetres in diameter and are single-knotted for added security. The necklace is secured with a single strand fishhook that keeps it securely around your neck. The necklace is 60 inches in length and so will not prove problematic as a fit for any woman this is purchased for. The pearl necklace comes with a blue, suede-like soft cloth pouch for easy storage.

When my bride received this pearl necklace as a wedding gift she was visibly as pleased as I had been upon receiving the good (which is the ultimate goal of any jewellery gift). I have seen some pretty uneven pearl necklaces before, but am assured that these pearls are nice and even. There are minor blemishes that can be seen if observed very closely (which is to be expected with pearls) and it certainly doesn't shine as brightly as the picture suggests (although in certain lights at night it does seem to glow), but nothing a little cleaning, buffing and the right light reflection can't fix. It should be noted that the necklace does measure 20", but it does not hang as low as the sizing picture suggests. Can't wait to see how beautiful it'll look on my bride!

I am able to confidently recommend this product for anyone looking for;

  • A high quality pearl necklace that instantly stands out as an elegant piece of jewelry when worn by the wearer.
  • A wedding gift for your spouse, yourself or someone else having their wedding
  • An elegant gift for someone special who you want to remember you
  • A jewelry gift online at an incredible price that is bought from a major and reliable retailer, scam free (so you can purchase without worry)

The Excellent White Cultured Pearl Necklace from Amazon.....

The White Freshwater Pearl Necklace Video.....

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