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Who Must Not Make Piercing

Updated on June 19, 2013

Piercing, or making holes in different parts of the body, has been known for many centuries. For example, for the Ancient Egyptians navel piercing meant belonging to people of noble birth. At the close of the 20th century piercing went through the second birth thanks to hippies and other informal social groups. And during the last ten years it, as well as tattoo, has gradually passed into the category of fashionable attributes among people of nearly all social and age groups. Nowadays the most popular objects of piercing are ears, eyebrows, nose, navel and nipples.

The Best Time For Piercing

You are better to make piercing in a cool time of the year, because dust increases the risk of inflammation, and an excessive sweating slows down the process of healing.

Jewellery For Piercing

Jewellery for piercing must be made of implantation surgical stainless alloy (so-called medical steel), titanium or niobium. Remember that silver and gold can be used only for ear-piercing. Other materials can cause formation of hypertrophied or keloid cicatrix. Girls’ ears during the period of puberty are particularly liable to it. Buy jewellery in specialized shop, but not on the streets or kiosks! Don’t try to economize on your body – you don’t have another one.

Star and moon steel twister barbell, 14 ga
Star and moon steel twister barbell, 14 ga
Belly ring with dangling aqua glitter lizard
Belly ring with dangling aqua glitter lizard
14K gold plated navel ring with dangling pink jeweled turtle
14K gold plated navel ring with dangling pink jeweled turtle
14K solid white gold nose bone with colored jeweled star, 20 ga
14K solid white gold nose bone with colored jeweled star, 20 ga
Internally threaded labret stud with small 3mm star flat top, 16 ga
Internally threaded labret stud with small 3mm star flat top, 16 ga
Red jeweled flower belly ring
Red jeweled flower belly ring
Steel screw-fit plug with clear square CZ
Steel screw-fit plug with clear square CZ

Piercing – Is It Painful?

Piercing is made by a specialist for just one minute, while the process of making the hole itself takes no more than one tenth of a second. However different people have different pain sensitivity. While for some patients it’s enough to have a free and easy talk and friendly atmosphere, others need anaesthesia. Usually aqueous solutions of lidocaine or articaine in the form of ampoule or aerosol are used. However, using anesthetic drugs, one can not exclude allergic reactions. If you are not sure about yourself, ask to give you a test injection: before the procedure the specialist must ask you about allergies in your past history.

Note: Don’t forget that in premenstrual and menstrual periods the women’s pain sensitivity, as a rule, increases.

You Must Not Make Piercing If...

- You have an exacerbation (acute attack) of a chronic disease. In any case, if you suffer from any chronic disease, you should consult your doctor before going to a tattoo salon.

- You have a high temperature.

- You have a low blood coagulability.

- You have allergic reactions to any drugs of lidocaine group (in case you are going to use anaesthesia).


For the first two weeks you must not visit sauna, swimming pool, swim in any natural water bodies, especially in a sea, because salted water interferes in the process of healing. You should not use for wiping any remedies except the recommended ones. Also, use only fat-free creams. In case you have any complications: reddening, swelling, itch, you must see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

If You are Bored With Your Earring

After healing you can put the adornment on and off whenever you like. In some time the hole will disappear and there will be just a small unnoticeable scar instead of it.

The Facts For Everyone to Remember

By no means you should not try to make piercing by yourself or entrust this procedure to your friends, even if they have a medical degree or diploma.

You must not treat the hole with any alcohol-containing drugs or hydrogen peroxide, except the cases when such treatment is recommended by a specialist (usually for navel, nose and eyebrow piercing treatment chloramphenicol is recommended).

It is recommended to use only jewellery made of surgical steel, titanium and gold. Gold jewellery can be put into a fresh hole only if you don’t suffer from individual intolerance of gold. If not, you can put on gold jewellery only in two weeks.

Before visiting a piercing salon, you are recommended to take some food to prevent dizziness and weakness.


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