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Who Should Wear a Posture Support Bra

Updated on November 10, 2012

Posture Support Bra

Posture Support Bra

A posture support bra is another term applied to back support bra and is used by a woman who is battling backaches constantly because of their large breasts. A regular bra is unable to provide adequate support at the back; a posture bra will give you all the back support you need and makes the difference between comfort and pain at your back.

If you are a full figured woman, back pains can often be experienced. The muscles of your back can not support your hefty breasts; they do not have enough strength to carry the weight of full breasts. Your shoulders will react to this weight by rolling forward, and this can give you the appearance of a slumped person. A posture support bra is the type of bra that you might need to resolve this problem.

The main feature of a posture support bra is the back panel that is reinforced in order to give your back muscles sufficient support. Usually, this back panel is a criss-crossing of fabrics that balances the weight of the large breasts and supports your back. So, you are able to keep your back upright and in good posture and you experience the minimum of back pains. This support bra for full figured breasts has a front closure, with only 2 or 3 rows of hook, usually.

Because of the minimum amount of adjustment that you can make in front, it is very important that you know the correct size of the bra to buy. Buying the wrong size will make the band of the bra uncomfortable and you may not be able to correctly fit the front of the posture support bra around your breasts. If you need a new measurement of your bra, you can go to any bra boutique or a department store where a sales lady can do the fitting and then recommend the right size of bra to buy. Or, you can go online and find a store that specializes on bras for plus size women. Most of these online stores have sizing instructions that you can follow.

Posture bras are designed basically to have the same style across different brands. They have soft cups and do not have under wires. The back support bra, like other plus size lingerie, is mainly designed for functionality. If there’s any amount of lace or color, it is only very little. If you want this functional appearance downplayed a bit, you can consider wearing a lacey, colorful camisole.

Put all those bad posture, backaches and shoulder pains behind you. Posture bras are produced to offer you support. Like every woman, you deserve to be comfortable in your bra, because this is a garment that you wear and carries your front all day long. Wouldn't you want to attain a flattering silhouette everyday? Of course you would. You can purchase a posture bra or back support bra online or off, at just about any store selling plus size lingerie. The largest selection, however, can be found online, as well as in plus size catalogs.


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