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Why Amber Makes The Most Desirable Fashion Jewelry Choice

Updated on December 25, 2012

Excellent Care Keeps Amber Jewelry Beautiful!

Beautiful amber comes in a variety of prices, shades and styles!

A Lasting Jewelry Investment With Real Character And Class

The winter months are the most exciting of the year and the best for giving, receiving and wearing warm, beautiful and enduring amber jewelry. This elegant and timeless creation of nature adds a touch of warmth to your look in the cold winter months. Every piece of amber holds a rich history, and well designed and set amber jewelry is both a current delight and a future heirloom.

What Is Amber?

Amber is a stone created by nature over a period of millions of years. It is the fossilized tree sap of prehistoric trees, and the most desirable and costliest examples may even hold fossilized bees or other sap loving creatures of ancient times. Of course, these specimens are far out of the price range of most buyers, but there is still quite a bit of gorgeous amber jewelry available online and in stores. Beautiful items can be bought quite affordably to enhance your own winter fashions or delight the one you love.

Is All Amber Golden Colored?

No, shades of amber vary widely depending on the type of tree from which it originated. Amber is very often amber in color, but it can also be a deep brown, an intense red and even blue or green! One thing is certain, each piece of amber is unique and perfect unto itself.

Why Choose Amber Jewelry?

Every single specimen of amber has been through its own process to become its own perfect self. For this reason, amber jewelry is a perfect choice as a gift for yourself or a loved one who is in the process of self-improvement or growth of any kind. Amber is a pure symbol of metamorphosis from a transient state to a state of beauty and permanence.

Because amber jewelry is made of a substance that has endured millennia, it is often bestowed with deep meaning. If you choose to wear amber jewelry yourself throughout the winter months, you will be happy to know that amber is thought to keep evil spirits at bay and bestow the wearer with good fortune. If you are traveling or just dealing with seldom-seen relations, you might be quite glad of that!

If you are seeking a special gift of jewelry for the winter 2012 holidays, amber is an excellent choice for your college student who will be heading back to school after the holiday break or a friend or relation whose heart you wish to warm. The deep, natural glow of amber is a perfect reminder of your continued well-wishes for the recipient of your gift.

Where Can I Find Genuine Amber Jewelry?

Amber jewelry offers abound, and it’s important that you take care to purchase genuine amber jewelry. Even though real amber is quite affordable, there are still charlatans about who try to sell imitations. When purchasing amber jewelry, remember that you are making an enduring purchase of a piece of ancient history. Although it may cost you a bit more to visit a reputable jeweler online or in the real world, your investment will pay off, even if it’s only in sentimental value.

Be sure to check the credentials of any jeweler with whom you do business. Look for excellent Better Business Bureau ratings and good testimonials from satisfied customers. Ask about guarantees and arrangements for cleaning and caring for your jewelry purchase. When you have found a reputable and honest jeweler, you can make your winter 2012 purchase of amber jewelry with confidence, knowing that you are getting real value.



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