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Why Are Men Visual When It Comes To Women

Updated on June 4, 2014

Why Are Men So Visual When It Comes To Women

Why Are Men So Visual When It Comes To Women
Why Are Men So Visual When It Comes To Women | Source

Visual Attraction

Why Are Men So Visual When It Comes To Women

Why Men Are Visual When it comes To Women

When it comes to finding that perfect date, why are men so darn visual about whom they are picking? This is as perplexed as the article I am writing this on. I hope not to lose you in the whirlwind of my thoughts on women. Women have so much going for them that they can change. The style of hair they wear, their makeup, the shoes in which they walk in, whether to look hot or not. These are a few of the things women have over men, and some are similar, if you really think about it, they really are not. A woman who wears high heels with jeans for example, pushes her profile upright and forward appearing to slim her and push out her breast up in a way that is appealing. Guys can’t do this really to get rid of their beer belly or fat gut, we usually own at most two pair of shoes, unless we wear suits and ties, then maybe a few other pairs of shoes. The differences are many, yet why are we so visually attracted to certain women than others?

I believe it’s a false sense of security for men, when they see a Maxim style type of women on the internet or in person. This girl may have all the trimmings of a super model yet be spiteful and the rudest person a guy would ever meet. For that fact she could be a lesbian and not like guys and dresses for women. Therefore, men take the Maxim style women and try to emulate her with whom he desires in looks and strengths of how this woman appears. She does not even have to open her mouth up for us to fall head over heels with. This is strange if a guy really thinks about this type of model women, the type that a few women even try to imitate to attract men. Those features of nice breasts and tanned legs and small ass can be a visual turn on, but wait a minute, she turns around and says the rudest thing to you , are you still going to think she is all hot. No, and that is where visual stimulation ends, when she opens her mouth.

Ok, don’t get pissed because I said she opens her mouth and a guy loses his hard one. Yet for men, we fantasize possibly more than women in daytime when the lights are bright and talk is abundant. We walk by an attractive ten type, model looking women and she smells of fresh perfume and regardless of if she just beat up her dog with a broomstick or swatted her kid, we pre-judge her as being the one. Yes, the one we want to make love to and have our kids , the one we want Fido to go and lick her feet, yet in reality we know nothing about this women. As a man we are thinking with our heads, yes both of them. They do have a brain, both of them. Ask any guy and he will deny it because he never really thought about it this way. That is why men are called dogs and women love us for it.

Women say they are not visual, or not completely visual. You can tell on the streets with beautiful looking women you may see a dog ugly man with warts on his nose and the same as the opposite. There is a sign of attraction that is defined by models on television or more, the internet. The attraction for women is the man’s mystery and his undisclosed information that she is dying to find more about this guy. This seems silly to men, yet in fact we do silly stuff by what I said above. The laws of attraction are that there is no law. There is a common denominator with all men though, and like Tom Cruise is for most women, I said most. The same factor is about a hot actress for men, and this brings up another point. Guys don’t care if this model is a druggie or has problems with the law, this material is written for the ladies to feel good about themselves watching a top model go down. Guys just think, oh well she is hot! It is funny how men are about the appearance of a beautiful women and how that really has nothing to do with what kind of women she is. So ladies who are not model material to most men you are to some, and don’t go and buy People magazine and compare yourself to anyone. We like the way you look right now or we would not be hitting on you constantly. Therefor when it comes to being visually satisfied with a certain women, make sure you speak with her, you really don’t know what you’re getting into until you have a conversation.

Christopher Hyer



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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 3 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Opinions are always appreciated, however this is not a ,"I hate women " article. Thanks though everyone has an opinion, and that's what makes the USA great!!

    • profile image

      Pancho 3 years ago

      FINALLY, An Article I Can Agree With 100% On! To All The Women Who Disagree With This Article, NEWSFLASH: This Is The The Way Men Are! Take It Or Leave It! Don't Like It, TOUGH!! I'm Sure You Women Are The Same One's Who Would Drool All Over A Pic Of Channing Tatum INSTEAD Of Joe Nobody! So You Women Can Just Shut Up & Stop Critizizing Men For You Do Yourselves!!!!

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Thank you for your opinion, I am not sure it will post but I believe in free speech. Have a good day.

    • profile image

      Sugar 4 years ago

      You are a dork.I hope all guys are not like you.It would be a bad reflection on humanity in general. Also sad for women who believe that men are people with substance and not just dicks. I love how guys like you try to justify your prepubescent programming with articles like this. You ego mongers always take that angle! Bathroom wanker!

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 5 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Possibly a good article, and very accurate.

    • profile image

      jesse 5 years ago

      terribly written article. also very inaccurate.