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Why Buy The Splash About Baby Wrap

Updated on July 16, 2011

Wetsuit Pink/Royal for Babies

"The Splash about BabyWrap keeps babies warm in the water & also helps prevent the shock of moving from water to changing room." The Splash about Baby Wrap is useful for babies to to the ability of giving solidity to little bodies; your child will love to wear this wrap which is also great for lifting in & out of water. The other beautiful feature is the ability to offer Protection barrier cream for those who require it and your child would benefit from this health wise the other health benefit is its ability to provide total protection from the sun by blocking the sun. The design is unique and is completely flat for ease of dressing and adjustment. The Splash About Baby Wrap is made from 3mm soft & supple neoprene with a tough layer of nylon either side which makes it one of the toughest available in the market for customers. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say about the Splash about Baby Wrap / Wetsuit Pink/Royal “Keeps my daughter lovely and warm.

This is the 2nd one I have bought for her as she grew out of the 1st. thoroughly recommend them." so for more of these reviews by satisfied customers check on Amazon shopping portal. The statistic at Amazon shows that 78% of mother buy these item for there newborn babies and that's why it is so popular among mothers. This is a great item for mothers to buy for their kids in cases where the kids are about to start swimming, with this you will not worry about the baby slipping out of your hands. The beauty with the Splash about Baby Wrap is that you have a variety of class to choose from hence no color limitation at all

Wetsuit Pink/Royal for Babies

Wetsuit Pink/Royal for Babies


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