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Why Dead Sea Salts A Good Regimen To Beauty And Health

Updated on December 9, 2014

The Wonder From Dead Sea Salt

An Economical Way To Beauty and Health Maintenance--Dead Sea Salt

Taking care of your body and health is the best way to make you feel good and beautiful. However, everything is so expensive today when it comes to maintain your desired good looks and feelings. And what really hurts is, it often takes a big slice of your budget. So here's the most economical way to help you spend only a little amount from your pocket for your beauty regimen. With the wonder of Dead Sea Salts.

The very high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea Salts has a natural therapeutic action on the skin and benefits your body as a whole. The exfoliating effect of these minerals on your external body is to boost your skin's excretory function by dissolving the dehydrated dead cells that accumulate on the surface. It also brings a speedy elimination of your body's waste that makes your skin smooth and refine. Among the twenty-eight (28) minerals present in the salt, three (3) of which are rather so valuable and are easily absorbed and used in your body.

These 3 minerals are:

  1. Potassium--it regulates the fluid balance within your body, as well as the circulation of blood and lymph

  2. Magnesium--it is your body's main nerve food, and lastly,

  3. Bromide--it has a restorative and calming effect in your body system

This is also the most common reason why going for a swim in the beach especially early in the morning is considered therapeutic because it can correct all sorts of imbalances within your body. It also encourages subtle detoxification of your body system and reduces fluid retention in the tissues, which can assist weight loss and relieves problems affecting your joints. The salt also acts as an antidote to the potentially damaging effects of stress and strengthens your resistance to diseases, hence protecting your health and well-being. If you wish to have a very good sleep, then a salt bath taken at the end of your exhausting day is a very good treat for yourself...


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    • profile image

      rinajnc 3 years ago

      Ay talaga? Pupunta ako sa dead sea yehey

    • wanderlust65 profile image

      Elna J. Navarro 6 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you starstream for your comment. You can check online as there are lots out there selling this kind of salt, you may choose which you believe just right for you.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 6 years ago from Northern California

      Great hub on use of sea salt for therapeutic bathing. I need to buy some more and wonder where to buy the best quality for a good price.