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Why First-rate Quality Hiking Boots Are Essential For Serious Hikers.

Updated on May 21, 2010

If you are going hiking the top guidance somebody can give you is splash out and purchase a good pair of walking boots. Think about it - do you actually wish to be out on a 4-day hike in the middle of nowhere and have your boots fall apart on Day Two? Lets make the condition worse, your boots are dropping to bits, it is raining, you are walking through mud in the dead of night with no torch and you are lost. I believe we would all agree that is a nightmare scenario. However, it is one that can easily be prevented if we think about what we are going to buy.

To begin with you have to consider what kind of hiking am I going to be doing. Do you wish to take a day trip, go back-packing, or set out on a mountain-climbing trek? This all makes an enormous difference, because there are different hiking boots for different disciplines.

If you have a brief hike in mind, you'll be okay with a pair of lightweight hiking boots. These boots combine comfort with the sturdiness that allows for a rapid pace - the kind that makes short hikes a lot of enjoyment.

A mid weight pair of walking boots are great for a back packing hike lasting for 3-4 days. They protect the feet better than the light weight ones and at the same time they won't slow you down with their weightiness.

When you are preparing for a mountain-climbing trip that will last for prolonged periods and take you over some rocky land, you will need a pair of weighty boots. Boots of this type are made to endure considerable wear and tear, and will give your feet the needed support over the long-term.

All types of boots are water-resistant and intended for all weathers. Heavy boots are the most expensive, as they are most specialist boot of the 3. If you do not wish to spend a lot of money go to a discount store and take your chances. Remember walking boots are not for style they are a practical shoe, so you tend to be paying for what you get.

The top place to look for hiking boots is in specialist stores. Be forewarned that the boots sold in these stores will be more costly, but you'll be getting top-of-the-line walking boots. Because they are a specialist shop the employees tend to be familiar with what they are talking about so if you have any queries do not be frightened to ask.

They will normally point you to the finest boots, but if you wish to understand how to check for quality for yourself follow these guidelines. To begin with, make certain the boot has the strength you want. You can do a strength test by attempting to bend the boot in half. If it bends without difficulty it is not sturdy enough. The same for the toe. If you can shove your fingers effortlessly into the toe of the boot, it will not have the necessary strength.


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