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Why Halo Hair Extensions?

Updated on May 12, 2017

Hair extensions have increasingly become everyone’s favorite beauty accessory for improving the way their hair looks. It a pretty basic process: people choose what type of hair they’ll be wearing, and they instantly get to improve their thinning or short hair. But, as with everything in the beauty industry, there’s something that consistently ranks high in people’s minds, and that’s halo hair extensions.

How it works:

Um, halo?

Halo hair extensions get their name from their base. They come in the form of a clear, thin circular wire that you wear on your head like a halo. A great alternative to taping, clipping/weaving, and gluing, halo hair extensions are literally undetectable and they stay put perfectly with the weight of your own hair.

Because they’re made from human hair, you can treat these extensions like your own and use such styling tools as blow-dryer, straightener, and curling iron. You can even wash it, brush it, cut it, and style it however you want.

Hairy Situations

On our long quest to find a natural-looking hair extension technique that’s both comfortable and quick, my friends and I once decided to give some of them a try. Here are our thoughts, in bullets:

  • Tapes come with adhesive strips that can show through your natural hair, which isn’t cool especially if you have really thin locks.
  • Weaves involve braiding and sewing hair wefts to the braid, which, when done too tightly for long periods of time, can cause headache and major hair damage. Ack!
  • Clip-ins are cheap and super easy to install! But—and this is a big one—they easily come across as fake hair, and doing different hairdos is just impossible since the clips may show.
  • Micro-beads require a one-time application but the loops can start slipping down the hair shafts after a period of wear.
  • Fusion is just painful—both in the pocket and in the head! Apply this, and you basically run the risk of damaging your hair mostly due to the use of glue and heat.

We sure did get ourselves into some hairy situations but it was after trying all these extensions that we realized what we actually needed: an easy way to create volume and length without the permanence of sewn or glued extensions or the hassle of tapes and clip-ins. And halo hair extensions are just that!

Why Halo is the Best

Halo hair extensions are the newbies of the hair extension industry. They've only been around for a few years, sure, but they've proven to be so innovative that practically everyone likes to wear them—from models and celebrities, down to ordinary folks on the street.

Here are five reasons why halo hair extensions are the best.

1. It doesn't damage your hair.

Hair extensions may cause hair damage especially since their weight pulls the hair down (which puts pressure on the scalp) and the usual process involves glue, thermal heat, and braiding the hair. Even with a specialist, these methods can burn, break, and pull your natural locks. But halo hair extensions, in particular, won’t—because it physically can’t. It’s not attached to any of your hair. It’s just there. Sitting pretty. On the crown of your head. Under the hair. Completely undetectable.

Which hair extension have you tried?

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2. It saves time and effort.

Remember those hour-long sessions you used to have in the salon for the re-installation of your tapes or the individual application of your clips? Well, you don’t really need that in your busy life, now do you? Halo hair extensions come in one single piece that requires no tapes or clips. It takes literally seconds to put on and only requires washing once every few months to make it look like new.

3. It looks completely natural.


One of the best things about them? Halo hair extensions look completely natural. As one-piece extensions, they can be cut, layered, or adjusted however you want to perfectly blend in with your hair. They also come in an array of colors that suit almost every hair color, instantly eliminating the fear of having hair extensions that look fake and unhealthy.

4. It lets you save your money.

Other types of hair extensions usually require regular trips to the salon for upkeep and further maintenance that can cost thousands of dollars within the space of a year. Besides being relatively cheap, halo hair extensions come with none of those—no fancy shampoos or expensive aftercare—which saves you heaps of $$$ in the long run. Get that volume/length + keep your money. So who wins here, really?

5. You get to mix it up.

When the weather changes, so do our clothes. Our hair stays the same, though! It’s so easy to get sucked into the routine of having the same look but, really, there’s no reason to stick with the same old hairstyle you’ve had forever. Halo hair extensions can provide the volume, length, and style that will give you more hair to play with (and show off). So whether you’re just in the mood for extra fabulous hair or just want to know if blondes really do have more fun, the halo is your best friend.

So, why halo?

60 mins
15 mins
20 secs
60 mins
5 mins
3 secs
Hair Damage
Major (shortened hair and bald spots)
Moderate (shortened hair)
$400 - $1000 (+materials)
$150 - $1200 (+ salon fee)
$299 - $499 (+salon fee)
High ($250 every 6-8 weeks)
High (itchiness and pulling)
Moderate (some pulling)
A quick comparison of today's most popular hair extensions.

It's pretty much the answer to all of your hair prayers, especially if you dream of longer and fuller locks. It's quick and easy to put in place, it causes no damage to your hair, and it gives that natural look—all while letting you save money. These, my friend, are just some of the many reasons why halo hair extensions are the best. Wear one today, and no one will ever know!

Got some interesting (halo) hair extension stories? Share them below.

Would love to read them ;)


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