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Why I Started Shaving With A Double Edge Safety Razor.

Updated on January 19, 2012
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My Shave Den
My Shave Den
My Shave Den | Source

Or why I decided to go old school on my face.

About a year and a half ago I had been shaving with those really expensive turbo-charged multi-blade, aloe strip $16.00 for a four-pack blades. I was completely frustraited with the whole money making scheme the major blade makers were puling over on me and I decided to do something about it.

After looking around online, I found a few forums dedicated to shaving old style. You know, the way Grandpa used to. Double edged blades, boar or badger hair brush and shave bowl with soap.

After l read post after post on which blade, razor, brush, soap or cream was the best for the money I decided on my implements.

I looked around on eBay and found a circa 1957 Gillette Red Tip Razor. On Amazon I picked up a Parker Badger Hair brush, and Proraso Shave cream and anxiously awaited their arrival.

While I waited, I continued to devour all the information I could on how to use these old-timers. There were many great tutorials on You Tube describing how to prepare the beard, how to angle the razor and develop a cushy, milky lather with the brush. I couldn't wait for the orders to arrive!

A couple of days later they finally got here. I ripped open the packages looking at what I got myself into and decided to shave that very afternoon.

Now according to common sense, one should shower before shaving to soften the beard which is what I did. After the shower, I went over to the sink to look at the gleaming steel staring back at me and I smiled. Filled my sink with hot water, plopped the brush and washrag in there and waited for the water to fill the sink.

After about a minute soaking my whiskers with the washcloth, I shook out any excess water from the brush, put a dollop of Proraso Shave Cream on the hairs and proceeded to whip up the biggest lather that ever frothed my mug! Too much! This stuff goes a long way. Next time I'll just put a pea sized amount on there.

"OK" I thought, "Here Goes!" I started VERY sloooowly. Small little strokes was the plan and you know what? The razor literally glided through the hairs like a hot knife through butter. "Man this was nice!" I

Then I got down to the next line. The adams apple didn't survive. I cut the hell out of it. Man did that little cut bleed. But overall, It wasn't too bad for my first time. I figured I get better over time. And I did.

Days turned to weeks and I shaved this way everyday. I got faster but still remembered that big nick I got that first time.

Now I can get the job done in about 14 minutes from start to finish.

Now here's the real reason I started shaving this way. PRICE! I spend far less money for blades than ever before. A 10 pack of double edge blades costs about $1.75 whereas the super duper high speed low drag blades can cost upward of $16 or $17 for a four-pack.

If your fed up with shelling that kind of money for a smooth face, check out the links below for some great deals.


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    • profile image

      merkur blades 4 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me.

      I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.

    • John J Gulley profile image

      John J Gulley 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hey, that's a great deal! I've shaved with Derby Extras but found that my face didn't like then very much. A lot of nicks and weepers dotted my mug and had to spend a lot of time prepping my face before the shave.

    • profile image

      James H. 5 years ago

      You can find even better deals than that for blades. I picked up 100 Derby Extras for $8 shipped on Amazon. Thanks for sharing!