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Why I buy Glasses Online & Save Mega $$

Updated on May 6, 2012
my $13 glasses
my $13 glasses | Source

Last year I spent some mega dollars at the eye doctor and buying new glasses. I also wear prescription sunglasses so two pairs and the eye exam set me back at least $300.

After I made my final choices and got my wonderful new glasses I realized they didn't match all of my outfits because i choose a pretty amber pair. My sister showed up a week later with her first pair of glasses, finally joining the rest of the family in four eyed vision she quickly learned something that none of us had before. She ordered her glasses online for less than $20 including shipping. I was amazed and suddenly in need of glasses to match each outfit.

I hoped online to and started playing around with the different features of the site. The first order I made I ordered a pair of black frames and a pair of prescription sunglasses.

The sunglasses were slightly more expensive but I simply choose a larger frame and tinted the lenses for a small additional charge.

I now have two pairs of prescription sunglasses (one for each car I drive). When I put the two pairs of sunglasses next to each other it is hard to tell which is the $200 pair and which is the $20 pair.

one pair cost $20 and the other $200
one pair cost $20 and the other $200 | Source

The Family Skeptic

My husband would be the family skeptic and I ussually don't tell him when I do something that I know he will be skeptical about until after it turns out positively. So I got my new glasses and showed him the frames, we happen to have a very similar prescription so he tried them on and looked across the road to test them out. That night he ordered himself three new pairs of glasses for less than $45. He now has a pair to wear to the gym, an extra pair for watching TV in bed at home, and a second pair of sunglasses.

What Do You Need to Know to Order

All you need in to order the glasses is your prescription including the pupillary distance (PD). This can also be measured. When you order glasses from zenni they actually send you a plastic ruler that measures this. It is the distance in mm between you pupils. Grab a ruler and have a friend measure it for you.

I can't wait to order my next pair, I am thinking green next.

two pairs of glasses for $30
two pairs of glasses for $30 | Source


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