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Why I Ditched My Straightener and Embraced My Natural Hair

Updated on May 29, 2017

I remember when I was 16 years old, straighteners had started to become a common thing in Pakistan. The first time I got my big curly hair straightened was on my sister's wedding.

"Wow, is it really you?, your hair looks amazing". I remember smiling through all the compliments that I received. For once, my hair was shiny and smooth. I fact, I could run my fingers through it without getting them stuck! It was then that I decided to buy my own straightener.

Soon after that, I started straightening my hair on every special occasion. Not only this, I started doing so on a daily basis. Years passed by and I noticed little difference in my hair quantity or quality. The only thing I realized was that my curls were going away and this made me very happy.

In college, I ditched the straightening iron and moved to the blow dryer to achieve straight hair. The bounce and the volume that I got after my every day blow dry was one of the best feelings ever.

It all changed one day when I noticed a lot more hair falling off my scalp when I showered. Next, to my horror, I noticed a balding spot right on the front of my head in one of the pictures that my friend took in day light. I was shocked. "What have I done?" I asked myself.

I stopped blow drying my hair and after a week of doing so, I noticed that my curls would just not come back. My hair was not straight, or wavy or curly. It was just a mess. All the heat damage had not just taken away some of my hair, it had ruined the quality of the hair that was still left on my scalp. I went for a big chop and cut my hair shoulder length. To regrow some of my lost hair, I started massaging a mixture of castor and olive oil every other day. I stopped shampooing my hair daily.

One year later, I could see my hair returning to its natural curl pattern. Not only this, I could see new growth on my bald spot. Ditching the straightener and all hot tools had let my hair replenish and recover from all the abuse that I was putting it through. Don't get me wrong, I still blow dry my hair but only when it is extremely important and that too not more than once a month. Obviously 12 blow dries is a lot less damaging than 365 ones in a row :)

I now receive compliments from everyone on my curly hair, and I personally find them beautiful. Not just this, we should all embrace our natural hair because we are all beautiful no matter how different. It is perfectly okay to try different hairstyles now and then but please do not abuse or over work your hair. Just go with the flow and you will love them!


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    • Tzotzos Duck profile image

      Tzotzos Duck 6 months ago

      i actually have curly hair and i have learned to take care of them and love them. I think curly hair shows vividness and happiness.