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Why Is It Really Important To Wear Sunglasses?

Updated on September 20, 2012

Decide on sunglasses that stop Ultra violet rays (UV). Take into account that darker lenses doesn't always imply that you are getting extra protection. Please remember, that the cabability to block UV rays isn't determined by the high cost.

  • Ensure that your shades block in between 97 percent to 100 percent of UV-A radiation and UV-B sun rays.

  • Decide on eyewear which are adequate to safeguard your eyes from all sides. Wrap-around sunglasses work most effectively. Preferably, the glasses ought to wrap all around to temples to ensure the sun light won't be able to key in through the corners.

  • Don't think that contact lenses could replace shades. Regardless of whether your contact lenses offer Uv ray defense, nonetheless it is advisable to don sunglasses.

  • Don't be deceived by clouds. The damaging radiation can move through haze and some clouds. Environmental sun damage to your eyes can occur any time all year round.

  • Sunglasses ought to be put on any time you leave your home. It truly is particularly significant to put on sunglasses during the early afternoon as well as higher altitudes, in which Ultra violet rays is a lot more powerful.

Essentially the most challenging and confusing aspect is the fact that some shades might claim to provide maximum defense against the sun's Ultra violet rays, however the industry experts point out that nobody is verifying these promises. "Even if sunglasses possess a label on it which claims they absorb 100% of Ultra-violet radiation, it might or might not be accurate," they reported. So, the final outcome is - you can have your glasses analyzed. A great deal of eye specialists have screening machines within their offices, and they should be happy to assist you in clearing up the issue.


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    • shrubber profile image

      shrubber 5 years ago from USA

      I get so tired of losing or scratching expensive sunglasses. Currently, my favorite pair only cost me $23.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I agree on cost not necessarily equating to UV protection. Consumer Reports says that even a cheap pair can provide sufficient protection -- I always get the most affordable but can read about the UV benefits on the label. Voting this Up and Useful.