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Why Laser is becoming the Buzz Word in Hair Removal World?

Updated on September 2, 2015

Under Arm Hair Removal

Pre Care Tips for Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser

Hello Hubbers! Do you envy that cover page girl in magazine with no hair shining body? I do. Do you guys also struggle with unwanted hair like I do? Ya, I can hear so many yes out there. To be true, unwanted and excess hair has been a trouble since time immemorial and continues to do so. Fed up with this continuous need to shave and wax every now and then, and not to forget the pain of waxing, I decided to visit a skin clinic to know about the permanent method of laser hair removal, everybody is talking about.

The visit to the clinic was indeed an eye-opener for me and did open the Pandora box of laser hair removal and its benefits to me. Now, I would like to welcome everybody who wants a hair free skin (If I am not wrong it would be everyone) to the world of laser hair removal.

Few things that come to mind when we think about laser hair removal are:

  1. What is laser hair removal?
  2. Is it suitable for everybody?
  3. Can laser remove hair on face also?
  4. Does it hurt a lot during the procedure?
  5. What’s the recovery period?
  6. Are there any special instructions to follow before and after the procedure?
  7. Where can I get it done?
  8. Is it too costly?

I am going to explain each of this in detail and I promise by end of this hub, you definitely are going to be impressed with this amazing hair removal procedure that has many adjectives to its credit like fast, permanent, painfree, and precise.

Ok let’s start with “What is laser hair removal?

The bookish definition of laser hair removal is “It is a modern hair removal procedure which permanently reduces or removes unwanted facial or body hair. The procedure is extremely fast, pain free and precise and can work on any body part in minutes.

Are you wondering how a laser can remove unwanted hair? Ok, let me tell you, laser light heats up the hair follicles and wipes out them permanently.

Ok by now you know what laser hair removal is; moving on to the next point “Is it suitable for everybody?” & “Can I use it for my face too?”

Yes, laser hair removal is absolutely safe and effective on every unwanted hairy body parts and you can trust the procedure for your face too. The common treated areas are face, legs, bikini, hands, underarms, back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Another thing that is a major concern for many is “Does it hurt a lot during the procedure?” Believe me the pain of laser is very comfortable and nothing when compared to waxing. I was also a bit sceptical before my first session about the pain (I can hardly tolerate pain) but then it was not that bad. It felt like I was being snapped by a rubber multiple times. Yes, also the clinic (Oliva), I had went had applied a numbing gel like cream to make the procedure more comfortable.

The best part about laser hair removal which I like the most is there is no resting or recovery time. Yes, you can do it in your 1 hour break time and return to work later without worrying about anything.

Yes one more thing that is more important than the procedure itself is the pre- and post-care instruction. Sticking to these instructions would ensure that the procedure is 100% effective. These instructions are not something out of this world. These are very simple like:

  • No or less sun exposure for 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled session. Applying sunscreens religiously every 2 to 3 hour.

  • No waxing, threading or any other parlour services prior to 15 days of the scheduled session.

  • No makeup, body lotions, moisturizers on the day of service.

  • Few medications are advised for discontinuation and few for consumption. This is advised by the consulting cosmetic-dermatologist and needs to be followed as per advice only.

  • No exfoliation for 2 to 3 days before the service.

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption needs to be reduced or stopped for 7 days

  • No hot water bath or use harsh cleanser on treated areas for next 12 hours. Use normal water.

  • Avoid make up, deodorants/perfumes and roll on usage for subsequent 24 hours.

  • No sauna, scrubbing, swimming pool activities, work outs or strenuous exercise for next 3 days.

Following these instructions is not an uphill task, right! However, besides the instruction you also need to take care that you are choosing a clinic which has its own cosmetic dermatologists and range of USFDA approved laser equipments for different kind of skin and hair color. Clinics like Oliva (this is where I got my laser done) have these and also a comfortable clinic set up with state-of-the-art facilities and personalised consultation room and care. The trained therapists were so well versed with the procedure that I was amazed with the effective and the precision they did laser for my upper lip.

I am sure I have cleared all your doubts on laser. Ohhh... I have missed the most important concern you all must be having “What is the cost?” “Can I afford?. Ok let me tell you, since laser is such a revolutionary technology with fabulous benefits, it is understood that people assume it would be incredibly expensive. However, let me tell you, laser hair removal is very cost-effective. Ok, you don’t believe. Let me explain it to you: I used to spend up to Rs. 100 per sitting on underarms waxing and so approx. Rs.200 per month. Since this is a temporary hair removal procedure, I had to every month to maintain smooth hair-free underarms. So, 15 years down the line, I would have spent Rs. 36,000 on just underarms waxing and that’s quite a big amount when compared to Rs. 15000, I spent on one-time laser hair removal.

My experience with laser hair removal has been great and I have written this hub for everybody out there who wants a hair free body everyday without going through the trouble of waxing or shaving.

Now I am sure you know why laser is hot favourite and becoming the buzz word in hair removal world.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure


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