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Why Mary Jane Shoes Rock

Updated on March 12, 2011

Mary Janes- the Perfect Shoe

There are a lot of great shoes out there, but I've never seen any with the same sense of style and fun as Mary Janes. There are so many different occasions to wear them and so many types now on the market (though some of the most high-fashion examples aren't technically Mary Janes), that you can have a closet full of them and never repeat your look.

What is a Mary Jane?

Technically, it is a low-healed shoe with a single strap across the top. However, that has been expanded in recent years to include shoes with two and even three straps. Why are these simple shoes so great? Well, in three words: comfort, style and function. They are simple enough to be classic, going with just about anything and not going out of style after a few months like many styles do. They also tend to fit a little more comfortably than pumps or other heels because of the strap. They also add to your everyday functionality, giving you a way to be stylish without crippling your movements the way that very high heels do. Because of the lower heel you can do a lot of physical things that you can't do with pumps and higher-heeled shows. You can run in Mary Janes!

Above pic by Overengen.

Flat and Near-Flat Mary Jane Shoes

Flat Mary Janes and near-flat Mary Janes are perfect for pretty much any casual or mildly dressy occasion. They are great to wear to work because they are comfortable and not too sexy. They are also cute and playful, not to mention great for your feet. High heels are fun for some occasions, but women who wear high heel shoes on a regular basis face many health problems as a result. Back problems, hip problems and severe foot problems like bunions and hammer toes result from those sexy high heels. With a low pair of Mary Janes, you look cute, stylish and put together without all of those nasty side effects.

Two and Three-Strap Mary Jane Shoes

Though mary Janes are generally defined as having one strap over the top of the shoe, there are many versions of these shoes today that have two or three straps across the top. These give the shoes a very different look, though they retain their sassy style.

Noat, Coach, Dr. Martens and Vivienee Westwood all make fabulous two ad three-strap Mary Janes. They come in every color and texture, from crocodile to candy pink. These shoes tend to be a little sexier than flatter-heeled Mary Janes and ones with a single strap, but they are a fun way to dress up for a night out on the town.

High Heel and Stiletto Mary Jane Shoes

For the pastfew years, stilettos have been the in shoe style among women. The problem is that they can often look a little sleezy. hey- admit it- even then pretty ones have a little bit of a sleezy edge. Wearing Mary Jane stilettos takes the edge off the sleezy and gives them a more fun, professional look. They are also easier to keep on and a little more steady than other types of stilettos.

Yes, technically, Mary Janes are supposed to have low heels. But, there's no way you can ignore the high-heeled varieties on the market. They are absolutely delectable, and they're sensible enough that you can feel free to wear them to even the stuffiest offices, keeping your professionalism as well as a little bit of a sexy style.


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