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Why Skin gets Dry during Winter Season?

Updated on December 14, 2016

As per the health perspective, winter season has proved to be quite effective in comparison to the other seasons. During this, digestion process turns faster and there are only a few problems related to digestion, but if we talk about skin, then this season is not that friendly.

Why our skin turns dry during this season? Let us read further to know:

  1. As the temperature becomes lower, the level of humidity in the air proportionally decreases and air turns dry and cold. This directly affects the uncovered parts of our body, such as hands, face and legs. When we come in contact with this dry air, our skin also starts to lose humidity and thus, makes it dry and lifeless.
  2. People travelling via airplane face such problem to a great extent. It is due to the reason that at such a height, the processed air released from the airplane decreases skin humidity exponentially and thus, making the skin drier.
  3. Most of the people use hot water to take a bath during winter season. This is also a reason that causes dryness in the skin. Additionally, using inappropriate soap can steal skin moisture.
  4. Using a heater to maintain a normal temperature, at home, can also cause skin dryness.
  5. If we make an excessive use of hand sanitizer or soap, then there are pretty high chances that our skin may get dry.

The soap that we generally use during bath can, negatively affect our skin during the winter season. It can soak the natural oil present on our skin, making our skin dry and sensitive.


Beware of Extremely Dry Skin: Can Be a Cause for a Disease

Due to the cold climate, if skin gets drier to a great level, then there are chances that we may suffer from the disease named Eczema. This disease can turn the patches of skin completely dry and rough causing itching and in severe cases, even bleeding.

To prevent such problem, here are some suggestions that can be adopted in one’s lifestyle mainly during the winter season:

  1. Try to spend less time in the bathroom while taking bath and make less use of soap. Moreover, even the use of scrub can affect the skin, especially of those, whose skin type is naturally dry.
  2. Do not exceed the time limit of 10 minutes while taking bath and avoid the use of hot water. Instead, using lukewarm water is a better option.
  3. Instead of using soap, it is better to use a moisturizing cleanser that not only cleans the skin but also maintains the skin moisture.
  4. During winter season, if you use the scrub that you have bought from the market, then it can affect your skin. It is better to use a home-made scrub, instead.

There are two types of home-made scrub that you can use on your skin before taking bath:

  1. Make a paste by adding turmeric, gram flour and bran in yogurt. Apply this paste on your skin for at least four minutes and then wash it.
  2. You can also make a paste using boiled milk and semolina and use it every day before taking bath.

In addition to this, there are some more issues faced by most of us in our daily life, such as

For all these problems, the best remedy is to use the home-made products and the other is that we must only those cosmetic products that do not contain any harmful ingredient.

It is a must to check the ingredients list before buying any product.

Always remember, "Beautiful Makeup starts with Beautiful and Healthy Skin"
Always remember, "Beautiful Makeup starts with Beautiful and Healthy Skin" | Source


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