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Why Vintage 1970s Clothes Still Cut-it Today

Updated on June 19, 2013
Seventies Fashion
Seventies Fashion

The 70s, still going strong

If you spend any time looking at the latest trends, you will quickly notice that retro styles such as the fun and funky designs from the 1970s are all the rage.

Fortunately, everything from headbands to bell bottoms can be fairly easy to find. In fact, many people have discovered that second-hand stores and thrift shops are excellent places to locate some of the best 70’s vintage clothing. Of course, they also offer some of the best prices, as well.

Today's Top 70s Styles

When you want to incorporate some fun into your wardrobe, the retro look of the 70s offers numerous possibilities. Some of the most popular styles that are making a comeback include the following:

  • Kaftan - a long flowing robe that was typically made from bright fabrics with bold prints. They also were frequently embellished with metallic thread giving them an extra touch of style. I love these loose fitting robes because they are both stylish and comfortable!
  • Bell Bottoms - Everyone remembers the bell bottom pants of the 60s and 70s, but this great look is just as popular today as it was back then. If you don't have a pair of bell bottom jeans in your wardrobe, this is an item you will definitely want to get your hands on.
  • Mini skirt - the mini skirt was a fashionable trend in the 70s and with today's higher hemlines, it is a style that has made a come-back.

Kaftan Dress - Bell-bottoms Jeans - Mini Skirt
Kaftan Dress - Bell-bottoms Jeans - Mini Skirt

70s Prints Make all the Difference

I love the great styles of the 70s, but without the wonderful prints and colors, these styles lack the retro appeal of this fun decade.

Consider the great look of tie-dyed shirts, paisley prints and of course, the ever popular "flower power" designs. When you are looking for clothing that can bring back the appeal of the most popular styles of the seventies, be sure to keep in mind that the colors and prints you choose will make a big difference.

Seventies Fabrics
Seventies Fabrics

Choose the Right Fabrics

If you are looking at today's retro designs you might notice that the fabrics are not always what one would expect from this decade. If you want the true look of the 70s, it is important to take a look at the types of fabrics that were common at the time.

For example, loose flowing materials were popular for shirts, long skirts and even kaftans. Of course, polyester was popular in men's shirts, especially those with large oversized collars; however, naru shirts were typically made from 100% cotton, which was an extremely popular fabric in the 1970's.

Vintage 70s Look
Vintage 70s Look

Repro Retro

When choosing 70’s vintage clothing, I always prefer the real deal; however, sometimes you can find great reproductions of retro prints and 70s styles that are a perfect complement to today's fashion designs.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your styles. For example, a stunning pair of vintage bell bottoms paired with one of today's popular t-shirts can make for a great casual look. For even more fun, add a mood ring, peace necklace or a set of vintage beads.

More Seventies Fashion Info

If you liked this hub, read more about 70s vintage clothing in this post I found.


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    • Monis Mas profile image


      5 years ago

      Interesting hub! I love it, as I love vintage designs. Voted awesome!


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