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Why We Use / Wear Perfumes

Updated on July 27, 2012

The dictionary says that perfumes are: toiletries that emit and diffuse a fragrant aroma or scent.

Nearly all of us use perfumes of so many variations as there are nearly unlimited options of them out there, but it may not have come so glaringly to our thoughts to understand just exactly...

Why do we use or wear perfumes?

It might interest some of us to know that perfumes, as an embellishment, have been worn by people ever since the earliest times in civilization. Yep!

But today, as we know too well, people, brands and companies have created endless kinds of variations of perfumes and these are applied in different circumstances, environments, surfaces and even for particular occasions too.

We have perfumes made into candles for very delicate or romantic moods; others are scented to be harsher than their counterparts’ maybe to help treat bodily odours; there are those made for individuality, and still yet we have them made in the state of different kinds of substances like sprays, toiletries, oils, jellies and the list goes on.

Behind all these, perfumes and the scents they emit make every person’s mood heightened. They make us happier in most cases and many bring very strong attractions and other reactions.

If ever there is a case of bad or unpleasant memories, scents can bring these memories back. And in very obvious cases, perfumes arouse people sexually and create deep desire.

Speaking of the sexual effect of perfumes, it should be noted that this is mostly a hidden reason people wear perfumes. In many perfumes produced today, one of the ingredients is potions which trigger hormones in the body called Pheromones. These pheromones are known to stimulate sexual desire and certain perfumes are specially made to produce scents to trigger the activities of pheromones.

What these perfumes do is to mimic some natural pheromones found in the human body to stimulate the sexual drive; most pheromones known today work on men, so women get to wear these and you can imagine what the men around would be thinking when they’re struck... this event makes women grow some really splendid self esteem. (NOTE: that’s the reason she’s wearing the perfume). This event is usually short-lived especially when the surrounding environment doesn’t permit much intimacy, so girls... don’t laugh too much... hee hee heeeee! (That’s me).

A more prominent reason why people make deliberate choices with perfumes is to connect with memories. Yes! Why do you think chocolate or vanilla scented perfumes sell really well? Because they remind us of our childhood fantasies and so we feel so comfy in them. Some of us love the fresh scents of nature and so we adore perfumes that remind us of them.

When we immerse ourselves in scents and perfumes we love, we take ourselves into a world we just want to be in and this makes us soooo comfortable.

Many people also select expensive perfumes so they can say it out loud that they’re people of class. Mm hm! And plenty of people may not even have a particular reason they wear perfumes... when they’re done cleaning up and getting dressed, they just reach for the bottle and tssst tssst!

I have seen a funny case where a lady had perfumes even to match her mood. When she’s happy, there’s a scent and when in any other mood, corporate or casual, she had a scent to tell. Woah!

Now that’s individuality.

But seriously, perfumes can also give us personal drive to keep on going and to accomplish. I think I can suggest here, when you have a good ambition and you want your drive towards it to remain fresh, find a perfume that tells you to keep going... I wish you a sweet smelling success.


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