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Why Women Wear Thongs

Updated on February 5, 2020

Pondering the Thong....

WTF is with Thongs?

A group of friends and I were camping and after a few cold beers around a camp fire, the question that is raised every time we get a little buzz came up. Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

The Man's Point of View (Pros)

Don’t get us wrong, men LOVE thongs on a woman and we came up with a few reasons why:

  • They don’t take up too much room in the washer
  • They don’t leave panty lines when you wear those tight yoga pants, skirts or shorts
  • Most are very lacy and leave men's minds to wander
  • They come in all kinds of fabric
  • Hands-down, sexier than socks on a rooster

Cons to the Thong (Mans Point of View)

  • Not as fun to say “Thong” versus “Panty”
  • Not completely sure where her skid marks go
  • Easily can tangle around your feet and trip you as you make a b-line to the bathroom
  • Doesn’t her junk get cold?

The Dig

Needless to say, the discussion on the butt-floss and its values did not net very much valuable information around the camp fire and it left us with more questions than answers. Luckily, we all had the same thoughts and we decided we’d better dig into this a little bit more.

Feeling exhausted, hung-over and our voices hoarse from laughing so much, we all headed home and vowed to get some answers from our women. Of Note: Most of us are healing pretty well right now and the swelling has gone down on our bruises, but we ended up compiling some very good information.

The Woman's Point of View


All the women questioned gave us the same general answer after they caught their breath from beating us. Thongs made them feel sexy, comfortable, strong, and gave them more freedom of movement. The variety of colors, textures, styles, and fabrics was a close second in answers.

Interesting Note: Not one woman mentioned the thong was uncomfortable, despite our discussion about how we thought they’d chafe the hell out of us if we wore them. Additionally, not one woman mentioned the “con” of the skid-marks. Not really a surprise, but we’d hope to get some insight on that as well. Apparently skid marks are a “man” thing that we’ll have to cover another article.

Why Women Wear Thongs

Freedom of Movement

This was a surprise to us. I guess we are so shallow-minded and blind by the sexiness factor of the thong, that we failed to think about the actual FUNCTION of the piece of clothing. It makes sense though. Thongs are less restrictive around the legs, butt, and their vajayjay. What’s NOT to like about that??


Starting to feel dumber by the minute, we didn’t think about this either! Thongs have less fabric, and because of this, there is less probability to retain moisture. Moisture? Yes. A spilled drink, sweat, sexual excitement, etc. Thongs breathe, thus providing a much more comfortable “wear” than traditional panties.

The absence of Panty Lines

This came as no surprise to us, but women use the lack of panty lines to their advantage with men. They know we are pigs and want nothing left to our imagination. As such, they really enjoy teasing us by wearing thongs with tight skirts, shorts, and yoga pants.


Women find thongs to be sexy. To clarify, they like to FEEL sexy and they know that the majority of men like to see women in thongs. This, in itself, makes women wear them. One surprising admission to making them feel sexy was that thongs provide “Hip Cleavage”. As men, we’ve never heard of this term, but always knew about it. It’s the area where the legs meet the hips and creates a little sexy crease. Wearing thongs expose this, thus ramping up the sexiness factor dramatically.

In Conclusion

While this is all great information, the bottom-line is that men absolutely love the thong and are encouraging women across the globe to continue to wear them. We are simple people that don’t have much imagination, and most of us don’t have a romantic bone in our body, so keep wearing them you sexy things!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 JJT


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