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Why You Should Buy A Skort Online Today

Updated on December 12, 2012

Skorts and Short Skorts for Sports and Life

Skorts have been around since Eve sewed an extra fig leaf across her hips. But you probably still don't own one because you do not realize the benefits of owning a skort. Simply put, they are the perfect blend between form and function. If you aren't looking to produce an untoward wardrobe malfunction, or if you are participating in an activity such that a malfunction could not easily be avoided, skorts are the perfect solution and you should buy a skort online immediately. Not only will you feel sleek and chic with the skirt-look on the outside, but you will feel like an unstoppable force knowing that you are protected from slips and breezes by the shorts underneath.

Along with the spork, skorts will be one of the first portmanteaus admitted onto whatever ship might be sailing away from the collapse of the world. You should buy your pair *before* society collapses, because as we've seen with past collapses of civilizations, it's not necessarily who you know, rather, it's what you are wearing that makes the difference. Say that fire and brimstone are raining down on the horizon at this very moment, inching toward you like the fireland leviathans of the old time. What will you do if you are stuck in a raggedy pair of shorts? Do you think there will be room in the lifeboat for you? Are you really willing to present your dilapidated self to your rescuer? And similarly, do you even think you'll be able to flee quickly enough to the escape pods if you are wearing just a skirt? Is a fantastical biblical crisis really the time to let go of your modesty? Most women would emphatically say: no way! Demure til death parts us.

You are probably thinking, "yeah, but I don't really play tennis or golf" or "my horoscope said I ought to avoid complications in my life". It is not complicated at all to get yourself one of these awesome skorts online. They come in all sorts of colors and fabrics, and brand name designers are turning them out knowing that these will eventually catch like white fire among the masses. We aren't there yet, granted, but how many times have you been known as a trendsetter? Don't you want to be the one among your circle of friends who gets the "you know, I really like that on you, I think I'm going to get one for myself." Would that in itself not be worth the price of shipping and handling? The price of a few moments doing what you love to do: Shopping for great clothes that make you feel like a golden songbird soaring above the immutable earth below? Are you the sort of songbird who allows herself to be swallowed by conformity? Or do you tweet to the beat of a distant summer? Make that summer THIS summer and buy a skort online now. It will make you feel good, which, in its primal form, is all that the heavens and plains ask of you.

Are you going to buy a skort immediately?

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