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Why You Should Ditch Make-up Entirely

Updated on February 1, 2016

So many women are enslaved to make-up, slapping on the gunk as though there were no tomorrow. Are you someone that can barely leave the house without wearing a ton of make-up? Take off those shackles! Free your mind. Giving up your make-up could be the best thing you ever did. Honestly. Not only is make-up expensive, there are also plenty of other reasons why you should not waste your money. Here are five reasons why you should ditch your make-up entirely and present your fresh, beautiful, healthy face to the world

Your skin will be healthier:

You would be horrified if you actually thought too hard or learned too much about some of the make-up you are putting on your face. Many make-up items are full of toxic substances and nasty chemicals, some of which are being absorbed through your skin and could be very gradually making you sick. Even if you use products that are free from nasties, slapping on the make-up is bad for your skin. Make-up can block the pores in your skin, meaning that you could suffer more from break-outs and acne. Your skin needs to breathe and not allowing it to do so means it cannot be in optimum health.

1. Slough away dead cells to reveal softer, more luminous skin.

2. Slather on SPF like it's your job.

3. Spend more time in the bedroom.

4. Get active.

6. Multitask with a facial mask.

7. Eat your way to better skin.

8. Practice deep breathing.

9. Take a minute to relax.


You won't be poisoning our planet:

Again, have you ever spend any time looking at the ingredients lists on your cosmetic products? Your cosmetics will often contain substances that are not at all good for the environment and of course there is all the energy used to create these unnecessary products and distribute them in a mega industry worth billions – is it really worth destroying the planet we live on in order to have a 'pretty' face?

Poison in your Make-up

Check Out To Find Out Why

You will save a lot of time and effort:

Set yourself free. Honestly, why are you putting yourself through this? Putting on and taking off your make-up every day must take a really long time. When you add all that time up, you will surely have to wonder to yourself how that time could have been better spent: an extra ten minutes, or more, cuddled next to your loved one in bed? Having a healthy breakfast (to make your hair shine and your skin glow – the natural way)? A few minutes extra leisure time? (That too would reduce stress and make your body and mind healthier and more beautiful.)

That's a LOT of slap!

Women spend a year and three months of their lives applying make-up

Your natural beauty will be able to shine through:

You are beautiful. Everyone looks great when they feel it. Going make-up free is easy, you just have to make sure that you really know yourself and can find the confidence that comes from within. When you have confidence you will always look beautiful – make-up just gets in the way. Your natural face, unadorned, is a map of your life. Stay clean, healthy and happy and your skin will show that you are living right and loving life.

Why Look Like These?

When You Can Look Like This :)

You will be a great role model

Going make-up free is being honest about why you are, allowing your character and confidence to come through loud and clear. What is more, you are giving the message to young girls that they are naturally beautiful and that they do not need make-up to look and feel great. It is sending the next generation the message that being a woman is not about being a pretty picture – it is about being a natural, confident, honest and ethical person. You will be a great role model. Credit missbella

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A great Video On Why This Woman Gave Up MakeUp And Why


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      It's all well and good if a person decides for themselves if they don't want to wear makeup, but NOBODY should be shamed for their personal choices and what THEY find beautiful and nobody else should be dictating to them how they would best look.

      To be frank, it's not your place to decide how OTHER people look and feel best about themselves. So get off your high horse, walk around bare faced, and leave everyone else alone.